Monday, December 1, 2008


Our imaginations are extremely powerful. You may be thinking that you are not an imaginative person, but, we are ALL imaginative. I don't use the word imagine in the sense of dreaming up ideas outside of reality; but in the sense that we have the ability to imagine. We all see life through the pictures and images that are created in our minds.

Think about this for a moment, as you read the following words, do so slowly, think about each one and notice what happens in your mind: church, dog, house, Bible, man. As you read each word I will bet you imagined in your mind a picture of a familiar church, a familiar dog, house, Bible or man.

As in this example, we readily create images or scenes in our minds based on information that we have already stored. The question is, are we using our imaginations according to the Word of God? Are our minds renewed to the point of instinctively imagining the best?

For example, if you find out that you are being let go from your current employment position, do you automatically paint a picture in your mind of having no money, not being able to pay your bills, or having a problem finding another position that will meet your needs? Or, is the picture you paint an image of God providing for you in the most amazing ways, while guiding you to an even better job where you will be able to have an even bigger impact on the world with His love?

We also imagine what others think and feel about us as well. We so often allow our imaginations to run wild with accusations toward others. Here are a few examples. A friend doesn't called us back, and we begin to imagine that she/he is mad or does not care, etc... We notice two friends laughing and joking and we begin to imagine that they are laughing and joking about us. We meet a new person and think "I don't think he/she likes me." All of this is based on nothing but negative imagination. We feed these thoughts with more thoughts, and before we know it, we are offended and holding offense against others based on no truth at all.

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things."

Philippians 4:8

We should not be assuming the worst, as in the above examples. What we should be doing is assuming that all is well, unless we are told otherwise. We must learn to not allow our "thinker" to tell us that we are not liked or looked upon with favor. These are lies from the enemy that are intended to bring us down and plant doubt in our hearts about who we are in Jesus. A friend of mine said it something like this "I know that the purpose of my life is for God to show others His promises through me." (Thanks Jen :)

If we want to walk in the abundant life Jesus died for us to have it is imperative that we think according to God's truth. learning to think like God, will enable us to live in the peace that Jesus gave us. We worship an amazing God who loves us beyond what our imaginations can comprehend. What problem or situation could possibly be "BIG" when it is placed in the shadow of the Almighty God?

So, the next time we find ourselves "imagining" lets ask God to help us place our imagination in His very big shadow.

Lets Talk Grace! What are your thoughts on imagination? Do you have any stories to share about a time when your imagination caused you to think thoughts that were not true? Lets Talk Grace!