Saturday, September 11, 2010

Which Gospel

Thought number one is, WOW! It really has been a long time since I have posted on here. I am hopeful that I will be able to do so a bit more often from now on. Plus, I miss all of my wonderful blogging friends!

So, do you want to know whats on my mind this morning? Good! Because I want to share it with you!

We all hear a vast array of teaching. Some comes from sources whom believe A is the right perception of the Gospel and others believe B is the right perception, others C and so on and so forth. But, how do we know what is really truth with so many teachings available?

I once read in Velvet Elvis, a wonderful book by Rob Bell, that the Bible is like a sparkling Gem. It has many sides and colors. If you look at it one way you see it as blue, another pink, yet another yellow and so on. This is of course paraphrased in my own words and understanding of what I read.

So, does this mean that everything is right? Am I trying to tell you that there is no right and wrong, that what you think or believe is right for you, regardless of what it is?

NO! We must see every color and side of the Bible through the direct revelation of the person of Jesus Christ! Without this we see things void of the Fathers heart and love for us.

Paul tells us in Galatians that there is a true Gospel. The Gospel of truth and freedom in Christ. As a matter of fact, he corrects the Galatians for allowing themselves to be put back under the law, walking away from the freedoms they once walked in through believing in the truth of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Following rules and regulations do not make you righteous in the sight of God. Believing, relying on and clinging to Jesus is what makes us righteous! Even Abraham was counted as righteous simply because he believed God.

I have found in my own life that there are certain rules I live by, but not because they make me righteous, but because they are good for me and make my life easier. Because it is my desire to do what is right for me and my family. It is MY desire to do what I believe glorifies God, in my actions attitude and behavior. Not because I willed it and tried to change myself, but because I have been transformed in these areas through the presence and the power of my Lord!

Believing that Jesus is the source of our righteousness does not mean that we live a life void of any order, it simply means that we have order because we see that it is good. We see that through the power of the Holy Spirit we can walk with ease as we are lead and changed by Him. He will create order in our lives through our surrender to Him. His desire becomes our desire as we are filled with more of Him, and receive deeper revelation of His love for us.

Not every teaching fills you with freedom in Christ. Some teaching points you back to self-effort and teaches that YOU must be able to live a certain way and follow a list of rules to be right in the sight of God. They teach that it is up to you to make yourself right and acceptable to the Father.

But, that's not what Paul said. Paul said that the true Gospel is the Gospel of freedom in Christ through the power of the Holy spirit! This is where radical transformation takes place.

All of your self-effort is like rubbish and dirty rags. Who do we think we are, if we believe we can becom like God without His power working and operating in our hearts and minds? If we could be righteous through our own efforts, then why did Jesus have to die?

What Gospel do you believe?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Endless Possibilities

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all that life throws your way? Have you ever had a day, week, or a season that seemed too big to get through? Have you ever felt like you know you should be looking up, but your head just feels too heavy?

Me? Yes, to all of the above.

I am grateful that when I feel overwhelmed Jesus can catch and carry all that is coming my way, it is no surprise to Him. When life seems too big, He is bigger. When I can't look up, He is holding me in His hands. When my faith seems to small, His is more then enough. When doubt crawls into my mind, He is still faithful.

If what you are going through right now, seems too big...

If what you are seeing looks impossible...

Don't be discouraged, don't lose hope.

God has not left you or forsaken you.

His promises have not stopped working in your life.

Walk by faith, not by sight, right around the corner is the promise, the promise that belongs to you. The promise that Jesus purchased for you. The promise for your health, your children, your finances, your family etc...

It's there, it's for you, because of Jesus. Because of what He has done for you.
You qualify because you are hidden in Christ.

You don't have to earn it or deserve it. Jesus did them both.

God has not changed His mind about loving you. Even when you may have changed your mind about loving yourself.

If you feel frustrated think about what you are thinking about. The impossibility of your situation...Or, the endless possibilities that are found in Christ.

I needed a reminder today; I though maybe you might need one too.

Being Loved By Him, With You,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Personality, From the Inside Out

We all have one. Not one person on the face of the earth is without personality. I have heard the phrase "He/She has no personality." Could it be that their seeming lack of personality, is indeed their personality?

Personality;The complex of all the attributes--behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental--that characterizes a unique individual.

Our personality is made up of all that we are. The good and the not so good. I used to be the kind of person that didn't like much about myself. I never thought I was good enough, kind enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or talented enough.

I am happy to say, that I am no longer that person. I must say (at the risk of sounding a bit conceited) I Really like myself. I like who I am. I think I am good enough, kind enough, smart enough, pretty enough, and talented enough. I like who God has created me to be!

The Question: so, how did I get from there to here.

The answer:...Jesus.

I stopped trying to make myself be all that I thought I should be. I stopped comparing myself to others and their gifts and talents. I began trusting Jesus.

The Amplified Bible defines faith as; The leaning of your whole personality on Him (God) in complete trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness.

I love it! The leaning of your WHOLE personality on HIM. That covers it all. Because of what Jesus has done for me I can walk in all that He is, instead of all that I think I am not.

As we begin to agree with God about who He says we are, all He says we can be, we will be able to like ourselves. Not in a conceited-I am better then you-kind of way. But in a way that says, I am hidden in Christ, and the Father sees me as such. I am hidden in Christ, and so are you!

We cannot change ourselves. We cannot. We can however ask the Father to help us trust Him to bring about change, and we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He begins changing our personalities from the inside out.

I am not implying that I think I am perfect. Only that I believe God is in the process of bringing His perfection that He has placed on the inside of me, to the outside.

Personality, It all begins on the inside.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holding Out

I've been gone for WAY to long! Wouldn't you agree?

If you were following my blog before, then you know that this past year has been quite challenging for me. My grandma passed away from cancer. Shortly after I began dealing with a very heavy health trial of my own.

I won't go into any more details, but this past year has been THE most challenging year of my life, hands down.

If we believe that being a Christian means that we will never encounter anything rough, we are sadly mistaken. Being a believer does not give us a ticket on the train to a fairytale land. But, it does give us a ticket to victory, even when the ride there is tough one.

In the midst of our heartache and trials God is there. He does not leave us or forsake us. As a matter of fact he takes ALL we go through and uses it for good. We may not see the good as we are trudging through the pain and the suffering. But, if we can learn to keep our eyes on Jesus, if we can learn to trust him and believe him even when we do not see what we are hoping for, he will not let us down.

The key to living in the victory purchased for us on the cross is this; We must continue to believe and agree with Jesus. We must protect our hearts from anything that is in opposition to the truth. And, we must be completely dependant on God to help us trust, believe, and receive all that Jesus died to give us.

We must be patient and not give up or give into settling for less then 100% of all God has done for us. When Jesus told the parable of the sower and the seed he said that when the seed is sown that it brings forth a harvest as much as 3o, 70 and 100 percent. We do not see the 100% before the 30% or the 70%.

What a shame it is when we walk away from the watering-can before the fullness of what God has planted has come forth.

As for me, I am not yet at 100% of the manifestation of the healing that I believe God has promised. However, I am about 75-80% of the way there...and I am holding out. Holding out for all that Jesus has done for me.

Being Loved By Him, With You,

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Only Jesus

I wanted to give you all an update on how things are going here. If you have read my last few posts then you are aware of the spiritual attack I have been under.

I am feeling better then I was before, though still not 100%. The pain in my back is much better and the pain in my foot has subsided quite a bit. My left shoulder/collar bone is still not as it should be. At times I feel like I can feel my nerves vibrating through out the left side of my body most specifically along the left side of my spine in between my shoulder blades, into my neck and face and down along my arm...UGGG!

I still have no idea, what is going on, however, I have been continually getting better with chiropractic treatment. I am also going to see a naturopath soon.

Above all else, I am determined to set my focus on Jesus! I am determined to fill myself with His truth and His medicine. He has paid a great price for me to be whole and healthy and I do not settle for this as a permanent condition. I am filling my heart and my mind with God's truth.

The battle belongs to the Lord, He has purchased my victory. I am continuing by God's grace to rest and trust in the finished work on the cross. I am asking God to continually give me a revelation of His great love for me. I am asking Him daily to fill my heart with light and truth wherever there may be darkness or lies. I am asking and trusting Him to carry me...

Only the strength and power of my Jesus...

Will see me through.

If you would stand and agree with me in prayer that by His stripes I AM healed and made whole...I am not trying to get healed, I am healed and the enemy is trying to convince me that I am sick...If you would agree with me in prayer I would be thankful!

Being Loved By Him, With You,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Divine Jealousy and Redemption

"...When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight [for He will come like a rushing stream which the breath of the Lord drives]." Isaiah 59:19

If you have read my last couple of posts, then you are aware of the trial that I have been overcoming as of late. After my first, returning post, my wonderful friend Lisa from over at Bombastic Bandicoot, left me this scripture in a comment.

Words cannot say how it ministered to me. I felt lead to look up this scripture and as I read I began to feel the Holy Spirit do a work of redeeming love in me. As I read this verse and those surrounding it, I became even more aware of God's love for me.

I became aware of His anger toward the enemy who tries to torment those who have turned from evil. Those who are clothed in His righteousness. This is why He gave us Jesus. This is why He gave us One who loves us beyond measure and paid the price of His life so that we may be free!

In verse 17 it says "furious divine jealousy" this gives new meaning to me about God being a jealous God. He is jealous over us, so much so, that the one who tries to hurt us and torment us in this life, will certainly not go unpunished. The punishment that awaits Satan, is God defending me, defending the next time you go through a trial remember that the lies and deception of the enemy in our lives do not go unnoticed, no the Lord sees every tear.

But, even greater yet, we do not have to wait until this time of justice to be free! Jesus has come and is with us now, the TRUTH will set us free. As we focus on our Father and His love for us poured out through Jesus, we can walk in the freedom He purchased on our behalf.

Most of us are aware of the freedom we have in our spirits, but this same work of freedom will continually be brought to life in our minds, wills and emotions as we look to Jesus and ask Him to show us how to walk in the freedom and truth that is our blood bought right to walk in.

He gave us His righteousness and looks at us as though we have never done even one thing wrong. He will write His ways on our hearts and place His desires in our innermost being, and He has given us this same promise for our children.

The tricks of the enemy do not go unnoticed by our great and glorious God. How faithful is He to use ALL things together for good, for those who love Him. How beautiful and powerful His grace is that says

"come and walk with me, look to me and rely on me and I will be the AWESOME power that rolls through the high and low places you walk in. Relax and rest, let me carry you, I've got you covered!"

Our efforts could never be enough. Our efforts of trying to withstand the attacks of the enemy are foolish, only grace is sufficient. The beautiful free grace that comes when we lay down our own efforts and trust in the power of the one who already saw fit to arrange not only our freedom, but also our justification!

"Yes, truth is lacking, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. And the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice. And He saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor [no one to intervene on behalf of truth and right]; therefore His own arm brought Him victory, and His own righteousness [having the Spirit without measure] sustained Him. For [the Lord] put on righteousness as a breastplate or coat of mail, and salvation as a helmet upon His head; He put on garments of vengeance for clothing and was clad with zeal [and furious divine jealousy] as a cloak. According as their deeds deserve, so will He repay wrath to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; on the foreign islands and coastlands He will make compensation. So [as the result of the Messiah's intervention] they shall [reverently] fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight [for He will come like a rushing stream which the breath of the Lord drives]. He shall come as a Redeemer to Zion and to those in Jacob (Israel) who turn from transgression, says the Lord. As for Me, this is My covenant or league with them, says the Lord: My Spirit, Who is upon you [and Who writes the law of God inwardly on the heart], and My words which I have put in your mouth shall not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouths of your [true, spiritual] children, or out of the mouths of your children's children, says the Lord, from henceforth and forever." Isaiah 59:15-21

I don't know about you, but knowing that the enemy's tricks will not go unpunished...leaves me with a satisfaction in my heart. Justice is served. Similar to what we would feel at one's killer, rapist, or kidnapper being brought to justice...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Far More Precious Than Rubies and Gold

Good Morning friends...Oh,'s afternoon.

Good afternoon, my friends! I thought I would give you all an update and share what the Lord has been doing in my heart.

I slept better last night, even though I was in some pain. I played a DVD series all night long as I was in and out of sleep. It ministered to me in my sleep, as well as being the first thing I heard each time I woke up.

Eating foods with potassium is really not all that hard. It's in a LOT of stuff. Which is one reason why I am finding it hard to believe that even though it can cause these symptoms, that it is the main reason, as I normally eat fairly well....Hmmmm.

The pain in my back is getting better, though it is still annoying, it's better then it was. The pain in my left arm is what is the most troublesome right now (and the cold that keeps me up coughing and blowing my nose at night YUCK, yet just leaves me feeling like poo all day).

My friend called yesterday, her husband is in school to become a D.O. and he said to look up Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I did, and I'll be!! It almost describes my arm/shoulder pain (though it's not really my shoulder, but right above it, in that little pit) to a T!

I know if I took some Aleve it would take the edge off, but I have to admit I am a little afraid....The Lord took away the heart palpitations YEAH! Yet I hate to admit, I am still afraid to take anything, not knowing what caused them. Though I also have to admit, I think my own fear had something to do with the extent of them.

The Lord has been ministering so much truth to me. I know He brings good out of ALL things! I am asking Jesus to help me stay focused on Him and His truth. Who I am because of Him, and how much He loves me. This is the only way to keep fear away, to be resting and trusting in Jesus. He is the lover of my soul. Even as I type these words I feel any fear left in my heart fading away.

You know, the enemy doesn't have any real power over us. That's why he is "The Father of Lies" he only has deception. It is only when we begin to agree with his lies instead of God's truth that fear, frustration, anxiety, and such can come in.

OH, Jesus, help us to focus on you Lord. Help us to continually look to you and remember that you paid such a great price for us because we are so valuable to you. Far more precious than rubies or gold! Thank You Lord for your truth that sets us free. May the truth that has set our spirits free, do the same in our souls (our mind, will, and emotions)!

Being Loved By Him, With You,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where Have I Been?!?

I know, its been WAY too long! I miss all of you, and I would be lying if I didn't say I hope you missed me a little too. It has been really crazy since Thanksgiving, traveling and having family come to visit, keeps you quite occupied with your time.

That's not the only reason for my absence though. I have been under a pretty extreme spiritual attack physically. It started out as a minor pain in my back that has turned into an absolute horror story. I have had pain in my tailbone and low back, nerve pain in my left leg, my right foot and my left arm. Then I started having heart palpitations and ended up in the ER, where they saw them happening, yet could not tell me WHY they were happening even though they ran a LOT of tests. I sometimes go three days with no sleep and I cant do much because between the fatigue and being lightheaded, it keeps me down. The good news is I know Jesus is my healer!

I am low in potassium, which I just found out yesterday, after 31/2 weeks. I have done a little research and have discovered that low potassium can cause nearly all of my symptoms. I have also discontinued all pain medication and am using ice, as I have also discovered that meds can cause low potassium, one reason being they lower your appetite, I can't remember the other reason. So, I just started a high potassium diet yesterday, though the first night didn't go so well, I was up ALL night.

In addition to all of this, I also have been fighting a cough! Its been one thing after another.

I am standing on the truth, though there are moments when I feel very frustrated! I am not the sick trying to get well, but the healed and whole and the enemy is trying to convince me that I am sick. I do believe that Jesus carried all of my sickness and disease and He purchased my wholeness and left me His peace.I have taken authority over everything I have felt lead to, and now I am resting in Him.

If you would AGREE with me in prayer, that By His Stripes I Am Healed, I would love to have the support!

Being Loved By Him, With You,