Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, I have decided to join the wide world of blogging! I am just getting started and still learning how to set up my blog page. But, once I have this done I will have much to say! I am never at a loss for words. Okay, never might be a slight stretch (not by much though).

I look forward to sharing insight from from God's Word, and sharing what is happening in my own life as well as my heart. I have been thinking a lot about persistence lately. I think we have some how mistaken persistence for more self-effort. I believe that when God speaks of persistence in His Word He is calling us into something much deeper than an increase of our own self-efforts.

More to come on this later. This is just a nibble of what this blog will be about. It will be all about resting in the finished work of Jesus. It will be about living a life that is so wrapped in God's grace that favor and blessing will follow us where ever we go!

Talk Soon, Daveda


jessica said...

Hey Girl! Welcome. I have ablog that I am not good at updating and facebook. I will be checking your daily so keep it up!! Miss you!!!

Andy & Jess said...

Hi Friend! I am so excited to hear everything you have to say!! That little nibble about persistence already has my wheels turning :) Love <3 Jess <3

Andy & Jess said...

weird, why did my name show up like that??