Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fruits of Righteousness

For many years I went to church, studied the Word, grew closer to the Lord and was continually healed from a lot of emotional pain, yet, I still found myself just as insecure as I was before I became a believer.

Much of the time I felt like I was not good enough. Sure, there were days when I felt like I had done everything I was supposed to, so I was able to feel good about myself (prideful) that day. However, the roller coaster that travels in between condemnation and pride is a very exhausting ride to be on.

Then, the Lord began teaching me about resting in His finished work. He began teaching me the truth about what (who) Grace really is, and who I really am because of it (Him).

This is the truth that has set me free!

I had heard parts of the truth before, however, I did not realize that all truth that helps us grow is rooted in the person and the finished work of Jesus. It is rooted in His grace operating in our lives. Without this understanding, no amount of truth can help us to see our new identity. We will still felt like we have to earn all that God has for us.

God's Grace is also His power, it is His ability to change everything about us that needs to be changed.

It is His truth, love and favor working in us, from the inside out.

When we say yes to Jesus, our spirits are completely renewed. God places every good attribute of His inside of us, and we become the righteousness of Christ in Jesus. The Father now sees us without blemish, without fault, perfect in His eyes, in right standing with Him.

It is as if we had never sinned.

Amazing, right!?

The problem is we get tripped up on all the stuff we still see in our character that does not seem to line up with this (His) righteousness. But, when we begin to see ourselves the way that God sees us, and we begin to turn to Him as we see our faults and flaws, trusting Him to bring what is inside out, then we can begin to walk in our new identity.

"May you abound in and be filled with the fruits of righteousness (of right standing with God and right doing) which come through Jesus Christ (the Anointed One), to the honor and praise of God [that His glory may be both manifested and recognized]." Philippians 1:11 AMP

Doing the right things on the outside is fruit that is developed as we begin to see our righteousness on the inside. As we begin to believe and agree with God about who we are in Jesus, we will begin to walk in who He says we are.

Of course, I am not saying that any of us have attained or will attain perfection while we are on this earth, but we are clothed with His robe of righteousness, and when we wear this robe, God works ALL things together for our good. Even our mistakes, our faults and our weaknesses!

AMEN! Now, that is good news!


Lisa said...

Thank you Daveda for the positive affirmation you left on my page. I sure did need that today.
I know that God is doing something wonderful in my life, but it's not happening quickly enough for me. :)
I appreciate your ministry so much and am grateful for you friendship.


Lisa said...

I forgot to mention -- your blog post today is JUST what the Lord ordered. I've still not come to the full realization of His completed work. I'm always trying to be good enough and I never am. Please believe with me for this.

Love ya,

Deborah Ann said...

Well now, how timely is this? I was just sitting here this morning feeling very undone and very incomplete. Hammering myself like only I can do. Why do I keep forgetting that God is fully aware of my flaws, and is doing a work in me regardless of how much I try and sabotage it.

Thank you!

Amanda said...

I concur with Lisa that I know I have not completely realized the His work, but I can excitedly say that more and more each day He reveals to me just how He has been working and still works. In fact, I can say that I used to feel like Lisa that it was happening fast enough, but now I can say that this, too, has been a work in my life. I no longer ask God to work faster...just to help me be patient while He works. The neat thing about that is that He reveals clearly where He is working and it gives me peace and patience. I love Him so much and am overwhelmed at the depth of Him and His character...He is far more dimensional than our finite minds can ever comprehend!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. What a sweet encouragment from the Lord through you! I sure don't have near the humility I would like to have, but the Lord knows my heart truly is to become like Him and for me to disappear. I see all the havoc Amanda causes and so desire for Jesus to take over.

God bless you Daveda,


Kansas Bob said...

I am always amazed at how believers argue with me when I tell them that their heart is good. They have heard preachers over and over again tell them that their heart is divided and desperately wicked.

I told one friend that if his heart is wicked then he had better start leaning on his own understanding because it would be unwise to trust the Lord with a wicked heart. His eyes lit up when he got it.

At conversion God gave us good hearts.. we would do well to live from that place.. it is the only way to produce fruits of righteousness :)

Edie said...

The enemy will try to keep us on that exhausting roller coaster too. I am so thankful that His righteousness covers me.

christy rose said...

Oh Wow! You stated this so well! But, like so many have stated here in the comment section, we are all still growing in that knowledge so we need to recognize our dependence on Him to continue to reveal more and more Truth concerning the finished work of Jesus so we do not expect us to operate in the power of it overnight just because we think we know that. Any time we find ourselves acting unrighteousness, it shows us that we need more revelation of who we really are and what God has done in us! Because like you said, the more we are aware of that Truth, the more we will behave like the Truth. :) Great post Daveda! :)

Angela said...

However, the roller coaster that travels in between condemnation and pride is a very exhausting ride to be on.

what a powerful statement and truth.

I remember a little over a year ago where I prayed to our Father that I would see myself as He sees me. To truly accept His love.Three years ago my prayer started to be, He must increase, I must decrease. More of Christ, less of me.

Righteousness, right way of living, thinking and speaking...God has shown me also I have been praying to God to dig out the root of sin that was so evident in my life and now I need to pray for the ROOT of the fruit of the Holy Spirit be dug deep within my spirit...

this was an awesome devotional. ((hugs)) I love coming to your blog. The Lord always speaks to my heart through your words sis.

KEE said...

"God works all things together for our good."
I have learned that this year and I'm still learning so much.

Sometimes it's hard to get over things you have done even if you have asked God for forgiveness. You also have to forgive yourself, which I believe is the hardest part of it all.

I'm so glad I found this blog. God is using you to touch so many lives and He gives you the right things to say at exactly the right time people need to hear it.

Thank you for letting God use you and for your wisdom and friendship.


Irritable Mother said...

God uses even our mistakes, our faults and our weaknesses...
Wow, does He ever have a lot of material to use in my life! *sheepish grin*

So appreciate your Grace Talk!

sanjeet said...

I appreciate your ministry so much and am grateful for you friendship

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