Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Time

Its been a long, hard year here in the Schmildin household. I have been very preoccupied, run down and far to consumed with the problems of the past year. God has been showing me just how much time I have wasted worrying over the seemingly endless catastrophes that haven taken place over the past year of our lives.

It's so easy to lose focus. But the Lord is forever faithful and has not only been revealing the truth of my ditractedness but also bringing forth new life and hope in my soul. He is giving me a strength and a determination that I do not believe I have ever had before.

In all of my Christian walk I have never really strayed too far from the Lord. I have never walked away, or felt that He walked away from me. Not entirely anyways. This past year, even though I talked with the Lord daily, I have discovered that I wasnt really trusting Him. I know in my heart that God is using all I have been through to teach me how to have an even greater trust in Him, and His ability to work in my life. He is showing me how much time I have wasted as well as working in me at deeper levels to grow and nurture my belief in His faithfulness.

Nothing in this world is as fulfilling and satisfying to me as sharing Gods heart with others. My heart is so full of joy when I type or speak and allow the Holy Spirit to flood the pages or the room with the truths that have been imbedded into the depths of my soul.

I have missed being me...I am looking forward to growing in who God has called me to be. I still have some things to work through...But, Im getting there!

An old friend left this message on my FaceBook page recently,

"Hey Daveda! Congrats on your new grandbaby, you are one of the most beautiful Grandma's I've ever seen! :) On another note...I have decided today, to pray for you to have more time to blog...any selfishness on my part? Maybe a bit. ;)"

and I realized that Im not the only one who misses me.

I am hesitant to say I will blog regularly...yet...but I would like to. So, maybe all of you could pray for me too. Pray that what I am truly passionate about will be what I make the most time for. my "old friend" Vicky...Thank You!


Kansas Bob said...

So glad to see you blogging Daveda! Been a rough year for our house too. I will hope with you for a better 2012!

RCUBEs said...

You just started...with this post. Glad to hear from you sister. I pray that you will continue to grow in the Lord's grace and knowledge...God bless and Merry Christmas!

Jeremiah Johnson said...

2012 will be the best year of your life!!!!

Warren Baldwin said...

Joining with the others in wishing you well, hoping for a great new year, and prayer. And congrats on the grandbaby! Have a great Christmas.