Friday, January 6, 2012

Uncomfortable Change

Over the last several years I have been continually set free from bondages and legalisms through the continued revelation of Jesus Christ the person, not the religion, and the truth of His Grace.

This had indeed been an amzing journey. However, each time I get to a new level of being set free and I begin to see something in my life differently, its a pretty uncomfortable feeling. It feels very much like having a band-aid ripped off of a wound that now needs some air to heal.

I go through this time questioning myself and asking "Could what I am now feeling and experiencing be right, or have I somehow lost my mind?" The last thing I ever want to do it navigate away from truth, so I am continally asking God to help me make sure I don't get lost along the way.

Why is this transition period so difficult? What are your experinces with this in your journey and how do you navigate through it?


Jeremiah Johnson said...

I think that is an excellent portrayal of what many of us have been going through... It's kind of like freeing a slave from chains physically but it takes time for his mind to be as free as his body... There is a security in slavery (to the law) that the average Chistian has grown to depend on... When your raised a slave and it's all you have ever known, freedom can be quite frightening... Some refuse to walk on with Jesus and take his yoke... For fear of freedom and the unique response ability of relationship... As for me and my house... We choose Jesus!!! As painful as a fig leaf free life may be to adjust to... Jesus is far better than the law... For those willing to venture out on the water with him... RIP :) another bandaid bites the dust... :) LOL

Daveda said...

Jeremiah, true. true. Thank you for your comments and feed back :)