Monday, November 10, 2008

True Confessions of a New Covenant Believer

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life]. Proverbs 18:21

This is a very popular verse in Christian circles today, most have heard it at least once or twice. But, do we really understand the depths of what this is saying to us? Our words are very important. God spoke and the world was created, likewise, we, being made in the image of God, have the power to speak into our lives, either for the production of fruit or poison. So how can we be certain that we are speaking life?

John 14:6 tells us that Jesus is Life, therefore, our words, our confessions, need to agree with what Jesus says about us. Our words need to be in alignment with the finished work on the cross. We all encounter trials in this life and there is no need for us to pretend otherwise. We just need to make sure that what we are confessing about our trials is in agreement with the finished work of Jesus.

let me give you an example, awhile ago I was going through a very rough time with one of my children. At times it felt as though my heart was breaking. It would have been silly for me to deny that I was having a rough time because my friends would not have been able to encourage me and speak truth into my life. Fellowship means to make deposits and in this case I needed their deposits. Likewise, it would have been deadly (spiritually) for me to focus on only my feelings or what I saw. When I shared my circumstance with my closest friends, I did so in a way that said "I am hurting and I need you, but I am going to keep my eyes on Jesus because I know what He did for me, I know how much He loves me and my child, and I know that if I focus on Him and not my problem I will to see His victory!"

The Greek word for confess is Exomologeo it is also the word used for to praise.

Ex means - By, out of, derived from

Homologeo means - to agree with another, say the same thing as, to praise, declare one's self the worshiper of one

So, what we confess into our lives needs to be derived from what Jesus did, and agree with the finished work of Jesus on the cross. The New Covenant believer walks in God's grace! We are not earning anything from God, simply receiving because of what Jesus has done for us. As we begin to receive God's unearned, unmerited favor in our lives we will begin to believe all of His wonderful promises,and our tongues will begin to line up with His truth!

This same principle applies to the confessions we make before God about ourselves. We should be confessing to God that even though we may have blown it here or there, He is worthy of praise because Jesus got it all right!

Do we confess our sin to God? Absolutely! But not so that we can earn His forgiveness, we already have it. We share with Him how we feel because we have a relationship with Him and we want to tell Him that we are sorry, and that we love Him. So when you come to God with a deed done wrong say " Father I messed up and I am sorry, but I thank you that you have already forgiven me! I thank you for Jesus, I thank you for how awesome and wonderful you are! Thank you that I am your child!" Confess what Jesus says is true! Praise Him!

Lets talk grace! What are your thoughts? Do you have any examples of times you let go and trusted in the lord believing and confessing His truth? Do you still feel as though you have to beg God to forgive you? Has this Blog helped in any way? Any questions? Lets talk Grace!

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Shanda said...

I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I am looking forward to it!

I praise God that He takes our sins as far as the "east is from the west" and that we are separated from the sin the moment we surrender and confess them to HIM. Psalm 103:10-12

Anonymous said...

The message was GREAT! You did an awesome job. I was excited to see that your message was here. Now I can read over it and let it sink in some more.

christy rose said...


I think the power of our words manifest from us recognizing that when we speak, God speaks. They are His words coming forth out of our mouth. Not me trying to speak in agreement with what God says , but me yielding to His Spirit speaking His Words, bringing forth the power to bring change to anything. My mouth is just the vessel that He uses to bring what He says into this dimension of life that we are living in right now.

It takes the trying out of speaking God's Word and puts the trusting back in.

I love reading your blog