Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Being Me

Comparing can be an ugly word. Comparing ourselves to others can hinder us and hold us back from who God has called us to be. Comparing is a tool used by the enemy to make us feel less than what we are called to be. It is a ploy that he uses to keep our focus on ourselves and not on God in us.

There is no one else like you! You were created by God, to be who only you can be. You were created with gifts and talents that are matchless, no one does what you do, just like you do it. Do what you do with excellence, trusting in Gods power working through you.

Don't waste precious time wishing you were doing something, like someone else. Shine brightly as who you are. This is God's plan for you! So live like no one else can live, and be who no one else can be!


Shanda said...

I was wondering when you might blog again! ;) Wonderful post. Such an important truth for each of us to grasp.

Thank you for shining brightly just being you - love you girl!

Lisa said...

Love this post and agree wholeheartedly! I think as women, we're often guilty of this type of thinking, but if we would realize that just because outwardly someone may "seem to have it all", everyone is fighting a battle of some kind. No one's life is perfect!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :O) I can always count on your positivity!

Have a wonderful week Daveda and BE BLESSED!


Kate said...

I totally agree. Comparing is something I used to do often, very consciously. Now, I don't do it as much, but when I do it really sneaks up on me because I sometimes don't even realize I'm doing it. It's a very subtle little lie from the devil.

stella said...

Thank you for this reminder...
it seems like we should all know this, but often we do forget and allow the enemy to distract us from OUR calling.
A simple yet wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

You're so right. We're doing a bible study here by the wife of the man who write To Train Up A Child....Pearl I think it the last name. Anyway, in it she writes that us fulfilling our roll imperfectly is better than someone else doing it perfectly. It's good to think about when I'm tempted to think I'm not good enough or even tempted to take over someone else's roll.

Anonymous said...


christy rose said...

It is so true that we all know that we should not compare ourselves with each other. And when we find ourselves doing it anyway, it does seem to sneak up on us. The devil is such a sneaky liar. But the more we find our true identity in Jesus, the less often his tricks work. We are all perfect in Christ and we should see others and ourselves "equally" as new creatures, full of His righteousness. What a great gift God has given us in Jesus!