Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Upside Down

It feels like life has been turned upside down the last few months. There has been one thing or another happening at almost every turn. The good news is that even though most of my situations have been or still are difficult, God is good. He is teaching me to more fully depend upon Him and His beautiful grace working and operating in my life.

To tell you every detail of all that's been going on would consume far more room than what is available here, so I will sum it up. In the last few months I have been challenged with my children being sick, hospitalized and sick again. My husband has been laid off more than he has worked, my oldest son moved home and is turning his life around (this is good though it comes with its own set of challenges), the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I had been holding unforgivness in my heart toward my husband from many years past (I really had no idea it was there), I recently found out my grandma (who is the best grandma ever) has lung cancer (there is no treatment), I have also realized I have insecurity issues, and tend to not feel confident being me in certain situations, I sense a transition taking place in my life and really have no idea what to expect from here (though I know that God is good) Hmmmm...Whew! Oh, and then on Easter while in Ohio with my grandma and family my youngest son broke his arm so I had to return to Illinois to go to the doctor and then I will be traveling back to Ohio so that I do not miss my grandmas birthday. Okay...now...Whew! Oh, one more thing, I have also realized that one of the reasons I have been so frustrated lately is because I am focusing on the wrong thing...what I am to do instead of who I am, because of who He is, and what He has done (why do we not realize this until after it happens)....Whew!

I tell you all of this because even though it is a difficult and challenging season of my life I realize the benefits of pruning. It is important to remember that even though we may not feel or see God working, we have to continue to believe by faith that He is; everyday, every hour and every moment. Resting in the finished work of Jesus means that we trust in the unseen God to become visible through the work He does in our lives. Resting means that we do not feel that we have to figure out how to fix everything, but that we trust in His power operating and working through us to fulfill His promises in our lives.

What challenges are you facing in life? Are you focused on Jesus and the finished work of the cross? Do you trust in the power of the Spirit operating in your life or have you too, believed the lie that you must find a way to fix it? Lets talk Grace! Please leave a comment. Maybe you too are going through difficult times or maybe you have a word of encouragement for someone else. Either way we would love to hear from you!


christy rose said...

Daveda, The first step in allowing God to heal the secret areas of our life that we might not even know are there is to recognize them and then we can lift them up to him for him to take care of. You allowed yourself to be very vulnerable in this blog. It was very tender and sweet. God can move mightily in our lives when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open.

Daveda said...

Christy-Thank you :) God is so faithful and he has brought, and is continuing to being restoration and healing. I feel like through all of this another layer of "things no longer needed" is coming off.I will admit the peeling part hurts...a lot sometimes...but the freedom that it brings is worth it!