Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Beauty of Being a Sheep

Several years ago I had hit a wall in my life. I was trying, trying, trying, trying to be perfect at everything. I was the person who got stuff accomplished at any cost. I was so busy with ministry and life that I was not even really enjoying God, just occupied with being good enough for Him. Doing my best to fulfill every condition that I thought needed to be fulfilled so that He would bless my life. I have one word for all this, EXHAUSTING!

When I hit this wall I heard the Lord speak to me, He said "I will teach you how to rest." I didn't realize how beautiful those words were at the time. But now they are more precious than gold to me.

Our culture and the majority of the christian body believes and teaches that this walk with God is far more dependent on us than it is on Him and His faithfulness to us. We are taught that WE have to get it all just right and meet all of these requirements in order for God's promises to manifest in our lives. But I have good news! God has shown me that the Bible teaches that Jesus got it all right and met every requirement for us! We qualify for God's promises and His blessing because we believe Him, just as Abraham did.

Now if you are thinking that this might be a dangerous thing to tell people because they might go off and do whatever they want, and not care about God's ways, reading the word or praying...your right some might do that. But, if they do their hearts were not right before God in the first place, they have not been changed from the inside. They are goats and will have to be bullied and persuaded to follow. This message is not for goats.

This message is for the sheep. It is for those filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit...SHEEP. Sheep want to follow their Shepard but have been so loaded down with religious bull crap (excuse my language :)that they are not truly free. This revelation will set you free!

The reason I bring all of this up is because God again this week showed me the beauty of his grace and power operating in my life, simply because I believe Him.

I had been asking God to show me how to get my kids hungry for the Word. How do I get them to want to read it, to want to pray? So, I asked my Daddy to do this work in them, and show me what to do. Yesterday the kids and I sat down to start school work, we read about Abraham and then they took their books and headed off in different directions. My youngest son came back in the room about an hour later with his finished school work and I noticed that he was also putting his Bible away. I asked "Chase what were you doing with that Bible?" He looked at me as if I had asked a stupid question and replied "I was reading it...I didn't really know a lot of the words, but I read what I could." BEAUTIFUL!

I could have forced him to read, but it would not have been as beautiful as God's grace operating in his life. Now, I realize that he may not read his Bible again for a couple days, weeks or months. But, I also realize that God has committed Himself to me and to my family. He will do the necessary work in us, my part is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit daily and trust and believe in His power and goodnes, operating in our lives!

Know that God is I AM...He is all you will need today, trust Him!

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Kim said...

Wonderful....I love being a sheep!

Shanda said...

Oh I needed to be reminded of this in the exact way that you presented it! God is so good.

I have been longing for my kids hearts to be stirred for the Lord. We had our first baptism in our new church building this past Sunday. (We've been meeting in a school for years now.) Watching other children choosing to publicly proclaim Christ in baptism stirred up some kind of a guilt complex within me that maybe I had not been "striving" enough...

It is my job to live out an example before them. To love the Lord and follow Him myself. To pray faithfully for my children and to guide them; but it is the work of the Holy Spirit to stir their hearts and minds. Thank you for that timely reminder!!

I also appreciated your "goat" disclaimer! ;)

Daveda said...

Shanda, I am glad that God used these words to encourage you :) None of our "striving" will ever match what the Holy Spirit will do when we believe and trust in God's promises.

christy rose said...


I am glad that I am a sheep too!

I love the analogy of the goats having to be bullied and manipulated to act the right way and sheep are willingly lead by their shepherd of grace. OOOOH! So Good!