Monday, May 4, 2009

Scaling a 12ft Wall

There has been a lot going on in our lives lately, so, my husband and I decided we needed a weekend of "US" time. Just the family hanging out together, having fun, and enjoying one another.

Saturday we went to an exotic pet store, Corbin's Exotic Pets in Marengo, IL to be exact. It was awesome! Anyone who enjoys pet stores would love this one. Then we came home to burgers on the grill and a movie. Had a great time.

Sunday we decided to head out early and take the hour and a half drive to Utica, IL to visit Starved Rock State Park. We heard that they have 18 canyons there, some with beautiful waterfalls that flow freely in the early spring.

We started off on our journey enjoying the 70 degree weather and the beauty of the amazing sights God had created. Our favorite was French Canyon. It had two waterfalls and a cool stream. You can actually walk into the canyon and stand at the foot of the tallest waterfalls edge.

During this time our 12 year old son was hopping around and scaling the walls, having a great time and asking if he could go higher (We said no of course). Then right before my eyes he leaped out of the way of an oncoming tourist and fell 8ft down into the pool of water at the base of the small waterfall! Yep!

At first I laughed because it was, well...funny! But I soon realized that I did not know how to get him out of there. In the moment, I have to admit, I did not turn to Jesus, even though I thought about it...DUH! Very soon what was once humor turned into a stupid sort of determination. I was looking over the edge of the canyon and in a stern voice telling my son "You better find a way out of there right now!" DUH again! Like he knew how to get out!

What I did not know was that my very wise, discerning husband had already scoped out the situation and had a plan. He however, failed to share this information with me, so when he had my son start walking farther into the ditch of the canyon I was asking "What are you doing, how is he going to scale a 12ft wall???" While I was busy questioning, my husband was leading my son in the direction of a tree that had fallen and was acting as a bridge from one side of the ditch to the other.

When I should have just been trusting, I was questioning. My questioning kept me from being able to enjoy watching wisdom at work in my husband and I was not any longer enjoying myself.

Do you see what I see? We, or at least I, do this with God sometimes. When He is leading me into the "ditch" I find myself questioning..."how am I going to scale a 12ft wall?" when I should simply be trusting. He always has the situation scoped out, and He has a plan. This spoke very loudly to me this morning concerning other areas of my life that I have been overly concerned with.

I have been reminded that it is not our job or our responsibility to figure out God's plan. It is simply our job to trust and believe as we are lead by the Holy Spirit.

Lets Talk Grace! Are in a ditch today? Do you find yourself questioning God and His ability to get you out? Please leave a comment for those of us here at Grace Talk. Lets Talk Grace!


Cheri Bunch said...

Daveda, I really enjoyed this! As a mother, I can relate! As a wife, I can relate! And as a follower of Jesus, I can very much relate! Thank you for sharing this awesome object lesson in real life with us! I have learned something from stopping by here!

Shanda said...

There are definitely moments where I lose sight of His vantage point and allow myself to worry over the ditches in life...such a great reminder!

Glad your son was o.k. too!!

christy rose said...

We have been thinking about going to Starved Rock too. Now I really want to go. Even though your son fell into the waterfall. What is his recollection of it now? Does he say, " I want to do that again!" I bet he does, I know my son would.

I loved your story about watching wisdom at work. Isn't it wonderful to know God can lead us through our husbands?

Great Story Daveda!

Heard I might be seeing you soon. Hope so!


Kellie Felmey said...

Great story Daveda, God working his wonderful wisdom in your husband through the Holy Spirit!

Anonymous said...

Hey Daveda!
I am glad to hear how much fun you guys had. I'm glad your family got some quality time together!

I love your story and the imagery of our Journey with God. So true. I find that everything leads us to being child like and if we can not become like a child this whole journey gets harder and more difficult to appreciate.

Please tell Matt I said hello and we all need to cookout again sometime!

christy rose said...

I just nominated you for a blogging award on my blogsite. Come over and check it out.


christy rose said...


To get the award pic, right click on it and save as a picture. Then you can place it in your sidebar and in a post for you to pass it along to others if you want to. Let me know if that helped and if you need any more help.

Love Ya, Christy

Anne L.B. said...

Daveda, during an emergency I don't always think to pray right away. Once we lost my then 3-yr-old son in a crowd of tourists, because two family groups each thought the other had him. When we discovered him missing, I went running back to the last place we knew he was. My sister-in-law got everyone else to pray right away. I located him within minutes. All the prayers I'd said ahead of time and all her prayers on the spot were answered.

I still wish I remembered to pray right away every time. But each little exercise God allows in my life helps me remember to seek Him more quickly, even as He strengthens me for a crisis.

Thanks for sharing the reminder I can never hear too often.