Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I am in awe of our great and glorious God again, as I know I will be many more times in my life. I cannot get enough of watching His mighty hand at work over and over again in my life. The best part is that I now realize He will always be there. He will never leave me. He will always guide me. He will continue to teach me, and correct me. Because He loves me. Not because I am good enough. Not because of rules I follow. Not because I have wisdom or discernment. Not because I read my Bible or go to church. But, because He loves me,and He gave His only Son, because He loves me. Because of the Fathers beautiful display of love for me on the cross, He will always be there...He will never leave me, He lives on the inside of me.

He guides me into the freedom that is already mine, it's already been given to me. He guides me and leads me into the depths of His love daily, He never lets me go, even if I think He has--He has not. His love, His grip on me has not changed, only my perception of how He sees me in that moment. May I always every moment of every day realize that I am still resting, seated at His right hand. May I realize the depths of how wonderful I am to Him, and the greatness that lives within me.

Thank you God, for your beautiful grace that griped my heart and saved me. Thank you God for that same grace that holds me tight, changing me, but, not because I am good enough--but because Jesus is good enough, and you love me, so you gave Him up for me. He took my sin, my shortcomings, my shame and He gave me His righteousness! Now and forever more, I AM THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST IN JESUS!

---I just felt inspired to write. To share some thoughts of my heart. ---

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Tracy Wagman said...

Beautifully written. Beautiful heart.