Monday, July 20, 2009

The Difference

I was recently present at an unfamiliar worship service. I was praising along with my other brothers and sisters in Christ, yet, something inside didn't feel right. At one point I became unable to join in with them. I stood there and praised my Father with my own words and heart, feeling His presence and love, but, I could not "enter in " to what they were saying.

As I stood there, I thought "whats wrong with me today?" So, I asked the Lord to show me what was bothering me so much. I know He always answers what I ask, but to be honest, I didn't really expect Him to answer right then. He did though, with in 30 seconds I felt Him whisper to my heart "They are asking me, pleading with me, to do something I have already done, you know the work is finished." Ah-ha, I got it!

They did not know that the redemptive work on the cross has already set them free. Instead of praising God for the freedom He has given us in Jesus, they were still asking Him to do that which has already been done.

I know that this freedom is a process, we do not walk in all of the freedom the moment we meet Jesus, it is a progression. As God's love is poured out in our hearts and we begin to realize this great amazing love, we progressively become free. I also know that many are touched in services and gatherings, it is not wrong to expect from God as we gather. However, we are not asking God to do something He has yet to do for us, but, for the work that has already been done to manifest and become evident in our lives.

I believe and have come to live my life in such a way that I do not ask God to "do" anything more, just to help me receive what has already been done. To help me trust in the power of the Holy Spirit actively at work in my life, bringing about all that God says is mine because of Jesus. It may seem that I am fussing over the order of the words, or the way something is said. I am not. It makes a difference in our mind set, whether or not we believe that the work is finished.

When we believe that the work is finished our hearts go from feeling burdened and asking "God please do this wonderful thing for me, I really hope you will." to praise with a freedom and joy in our hearts "Father thank you that you have set me free, even though I do not yet see this freedom, I know that you have done this work for me, I know it is mine, help me receive Lord, I know you love me, help me to see more of your love in this area."

See the difference?

I am in no way condemning the worship service, or the people. Just sharing with you what God spoke to my heart.

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Warren Baldwin said...

Why do many Christians grow weary of the walk and abandon it (or at least grow spiritually lethargic) in their middle or later years? I think they may weary of the burdens of shame and guilt they carry, thinking they can never measure up to God's standard. Sadly, they don't realize the freedom they have that releases them from the condemnation of the guilt and shame. And, b/c God has saved them, he declares them righteous.

You are so right. God has given us freedom, and we are privileged to rejoice in that freedom and worship in gratitude, not fear.

Beth in NC said...

Woo hoo girl! Preach it! Awesome word and great advice for all to understand!

Thanks for the the visit.

Love in Him!

RCUBEs said...

And our enemy is always active in whispering lies to our minds that even though the "work is done", we tend to go back to that guilt we had. Like what bro. Warren said, "the guilt they carry".

We go back to using our own strength when we know that deeds do not save us. It is God's strength that gives power in everything that we do. The seed is planted...but God is the One that can only make it grow. Welcome back sister! God bless.

Nicole said...

Hey Daveda! Thanks for coming by to my blog! It is encouraging to hear from you!I have gone through a dry spell lately in my writing. Its been produced by disappointment that I find in myself and expectations that are thrown by others. Its burdensome to realize that not everyone is open to stretch or have an open mind to different ways of looking at things, but like you said, it is not my job to change others beliefs, nor do I want to! Thanks for coming over to my blog! It is very nice to meet you! Hope to share more life with you along the way!

In Freedom, Nicole!

twofinches said...

God has been speaking to me about just this thing lately during my own prayer time! It even can stretch to encompass when I bring up past sins, long forgiven but yet still producing guilt in me....we need to see grace abounding in us! Amen...

christy rose said...

What a great post and the comments on here are just awesome. God is doing it, isn't He? He is bringing us all back to the revelation of the marvelous work He accomplished on the cross. He wins! We win! His plan of union and communion with His body will usher in the coming of our Lord. When we all come into the unity of the faith. Watch out! There will be nothing stopping the body of Christ! Whooo HOOO!
Love ya,

Daveda said...

Warren - Amen! I agree completely about many being under such condemnation and guilt that they grow weary.
It is the revelation of grace and freedom in Jesus that sets us free, and many are trying to "earn" that freedom through works. This does make one grow weary. They do not realize that they have already been given the robe of righteousness! We can rest in the finished work.

Beth - Thanks for the encouragement, and the visit.

RCUBES - Absolutely, our own strength will always leave us feeling like we have failed and must do more. I have found that this is one of the enemies greatest lies telling us "its not enough, you must do more" If you read one chapter he tries to tell you must read two...etc. It is only a redemptive revelation of Jesus work that truly sets us free!

Nicole - I hope this "dry" time you are experiencing brings strength to you. I hope it helps you to become secure and stable in who you are because of Jesus. Any time we focus on ourselves to decide if we measure up, we will always, always, find a place we feel we fall short. But you are hidden in Christ my friend! Look to Him to show you who you are, beautiful and perfect in the Fathers eyes, just as Jesus is!

twofinches - Amen! grace, grace, and more grace! The favor and love of God mixed with the power of the Holy Spirit continually reminding us of our right standing with the Father because of Jesus, not because of us! I pray for more and more revelation of this truth for you, for us all!

Christy - WooHoo! Amen sista' LOL
the Holy Spirit at work in God's beloved! It's a beautiful thing and I feel honored and blessed to be apart of it. When I think of all God has done in my life and all I know He is continuing to do, I feel such a thankfulness that brings tears to my eyes and an unspeakable joy to my heart!
It really is enough...What Jesus has done for us is enough! It's not dependent on me, thank you Jesus!

jhazmyn said...

I can relate with this message...and yes i do agree that sometimes we get caught up with yesterdays and God is trying to show us how He's brought us way far from there...

Angela said...

"Father thank you that you have set me free, even though I do not yet see this freedom, I know that you have done this work for me, I know it is mine, help me receive Lord, I know you love me, help me to see more of your love in this area."
amen amen amen sis...oh not only do I see it, but God has given me the softening of the heart to KNOW it!!

Billy Coffey said...

Amen, Daveda. This was a wonderful post that sadly a whole lot of people need to read.

Sweet Blessings said...

Yes! Thank you for sharing truth so lovingly and clearly! I have appreciated your comments and am looking forward to getting to know you more!

Sweet Blessings said...

I just was reading the others comments. These ideas in sharing and stretching with others is part of the reason I created the Proverbial Sunrise. If you get a chance to link up sometime, the meme runs on Tuesdays too.
Happy Tuesday!

Kellie Felmey said...

I love this post!

Can't wait to see you again someday girl, this made me smile! I remember getting this revelation one day and it was in church and it was like "wow" it is already done!

Lisa said...

Beautifully put and what I needed to hear. I'm thanking God for what He has done and now waiting for it to come to fruition. I know it will! Amen.

Love you Daveda!