Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What do you think of when you think of perception? We all have one, especially when it comes to life and how we see or heavenly Father. How we perceive Him will largely define how we see ourselves and how we treat others.

Perceive means to become conscious or aware of something. Perception is the process of perceiving, a way of conceiving something, and or the representation of what is perceived.

What we perceive to be the truth about God's love for us, will be the same as what we are able to give.

If we see God as a demanding, scornful, waiting to punish you, rub your face in the dirt, type of father, this is how we will treat others, this is the perception we will give others about who God is.

If we see God as a giver, a loving caring Father who wants to come along side of us and not excuse the sin in our lives, but give us the desire, motivation and power to be free of its reign, this is the perception we will give others.

In the Greek the word perceive can also mean to intimately get to know someone, in the book of Matthew the word virgin, when talking about Mary being kept, is also translated as perceive.

I love the fact that God is not after us simply modifying our outward behavior, but He wants to have an intimate connection with us. He wants our obedience to freely flow out of our connection with Him. This is my perception.

How much of our perception of God is influenced by "religion" and our society here in the U.S., or anywhere else for that matter.

There is a place in my heart that wishes, I could have been "kept" for a time, away from the influence of who others perceived God to be, until I really truly saw the heart of my Father.

Paul says that after He met the Lord He went away for a time and did not immediately consult the other disciples. Could it be that He took this time to get to know for himself, the One who had called him?

Don't get me wrong, I know we learn from each other and I LOVE talking about Jesus with the people God has placed in my life. I just know, that much of what I used to believe, much of my being in bondage for so long, was introduced into my life from my not truly knowing the heart of my Father, yet trying to "do" all that I was told I should.

Even the famous quote "What Would Jesus Do?" also know as "WWJD" is only answered based on perception. Is it not really saying "What Do You Think Jesus Would Do?" Our perception of what He would do, how He would handle a person, or a situation is based on our perception of Him, and how we think He perceives us. Is it not?

I know we have the Bible to guide us in truth, yet we all perceive that differently as well. We can each read the same passage and come up with a different perception of what it means. I once read (paraphrase) that the Bible was like a gem, with many different sides, all shining and glittering in their own special way. Each side holding a different angle of truth, to show the multifaceted love of God.

I believe that the Bible is a love story, it is a story where I can find Jesus hidden in the pages and lines. It is a story that shows me all of the horrid things that I have been saved from, rescued from and delivered from. It is a story of God's love and passion.

Could it be that none of us have it all right? We are all on a journey, are we not? I can tell you that five years ago, I did not perceive God the way I do today. If you would have told me then, many of the things that I perceive to be truth now, I would not have believed you. And, I hope in five years five years from now, my perception of God is not the same as it is today.

What is your perception?

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Sara said...

Great post Daveda! I very much see your point and agree! Thanks for sharing!

Shanda said...

Very thought provoking post! My perspective has changed over the past several years as well. One thought I had while reading:

Truth remains truth regardless of our perspective of it.

Daveda said...

Sara - Thanks for your visit! And the encouraging comment :)

Shanda - "Truth remains truth regardless of our perspective of it."
Yes! As we walk out our journey God continues to reveal more and more truth to us. God is not easily defined with words, but with continued revelation. So our perspective, will continue to change as we receive more of a revelation of Him.

Thanks for sharing!

Kee said...

Wow, your posts always get me to thinking. I also grew up in bondage, was told if I didn't do ab or c I was going to burn in hell.
That drove me away from God but later in life when I searched the bible and asked God to open my eyes to His truths, my perception changed. And like you I'm sure in five years it will change again.

Glad you're back to posting.

Just let me know when you want to look at blog designs and I can email you some backgrounds then we can talk about a matching header to go with it. Hurry, before I get so bored I have to change mine again lol
I don't see your email on here, mine is kieshaq423@yahoo.com

Warren Baldwin said...

Tremendous post. I believe we need to continually evaluate our perceptions against what Scripture actually says. And as you commented on my blog, our perceptiosn will change as we grow more in Christ (ok, that is a paraphrase of your more eloquent statement).

Rather uncanny that we would both write on perceptions today.

christy rose said...

I love living this love story!

Heart2Heart said...

I agree with you. The wiser we become in our relationship with Jesus, the more our perception of who He really is becomes more clear.

He never changed, we are merely being taught how to see Him!

Much like how we age our vision changes in what we think we can see and what is really there.

As we grow in that relationship with Jesus we find out what we thought was there and was is really there.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments you have left on my blog. I didn't realize I didn't have you as a follower and now I do!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

T. Anne said...

Fantastic post! I deff. perceive God in a different light than I did even a year ago. His ferocious, profound, beautiful love inebriates me in the best possible way. I'm thrilled to have found you blog.

Anonymous said...


I too have often wondered what Paul did during that time He sequestered himself away to be with God. I know he must have needed release from the guilt of having harmed and imprisoned Christ followers...to be cleansed from the misguidance of his classical Jewish education...to gain sight from years of bindness and to fall in love with Christ. I love the insight you gave with the word"kept" in realtion to Mary's virginhood! I feel what you wrote as well:

"There is a place in my heart that wishes, I could have been "kept" for a time, away from the influence of who others perceived God to be"

As I begin to look at the inner and outer spiritual disciplines on my own blog, I think I may discover how to sequester my soul...

Thank you fo rmaking me think~

Karen said...

Yes, I have begun to pray, "Lord, show me any wrong perceptions (lies) I believe about You. Now, Lord, show me the TRUTH about Who You Are!" I came over from Angela. Love your blog.

Beth in NC said...

You are right on Daveda. The bible says we all see in PART. None of us holds every key -- that is why we need the rest of the body. However, I totally agree with what you're saying about knowing the Lord and having a relationship with Him. Hearing from Him yourself and not basing your beliefs on what others have said.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for visiting me!


jcdisciple said...


Thanks for your comment on my post, "Struggling against forces of evil and rebellion". Sadly, this is not the "first" time the Lord has taught me this. I am struggling to figure out how to speak truth and be certain that I am gentle about it. Anyway, the Lord is already bringing about answers since my repentance. Thanks for the encouragment...I am so thankful that He never quits on me even though I often have to return to the same lesson. I am trying to learn that this means I must have missed something the last time I was here so I am looking to see what He is trying to teach me this time. Progressive sanctification is so hard for us perfectionists...but it certainly keeps me humble. God Bless.

sojourner said...


Perception does not exist without sensation. We are shaped within the context of our sensation and perception of life. God meets us where we are in our life as we sense Him and perceive hime. Does he not? That is why our perception changes as we journey through our lives. As you said. I like your words and all the questions you posed in this post. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Grace & Peace to ya!

Julie said...

It seems like each month, each year... my perception of God changes. He opens my eyes and ears to hear and see Him more fully. Praise be to Him that He has not left me shrouded by religion.

People tell what their perception of God is.. If we don't know ourselves we can surely get a false picture.

I appreciate what you shared here. I also appreciate your words on my blog. Thank you!

Sue said...

Hey Daveda! Great stuff. I agree, our perception changes so often. I also think God is such a giant elephant that there is room in the Body for differing and almost contradcitory perceptions. It will be a sign of our maturity when we are able to sit with that and it not be a problem :)

Barbara said...

Thought-provoking post (and comments, too)! I wouldn't say I grew up in "bondage", but more with an immature notion of God and God's relationship with us. As my spirituality developed within my tradition, I grew into a more intimate sense of the Divine. Pondering, as Mary did, the events of Christ's life/death/resurrection and living them out in my own life taught me that it is one grand seduction, that God loves us into loving Him.

Warren Baldwin said...

Just stopping in to check for a new post :)

Denise said...

Such a wonderful post.