Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Way To Live, Part #2

What an incredible way to walk with the Lord, in complete and total dependence on Him and what He has done. Yet, I find that this way of living, thinking, breathing challenges many. I am learning to embrace what God has done in my life. Regardless of what others may think and feel about the changes in the way I see things now.

I will be honest and admit, that sometimes when someone disagrees with what I believe, I feel challenged, and sometimes I doubt myself. I say "Lord all that you have done in me, could it really be true, could life with you really be this easy, or have I somehow mistaken you?" I am always left with what He has shown me in the last five years, as truth. I used to feel upset when I felt challenged, but I am learning to see that when I feel challenged, it is God's opportunity to strengthen me and or correct me, as I turn to Him.

Talking and discussing our view points should not be something we avoid, it should be embraced for the purpose of growing. In the Jewish culture this was a part of living. In our culture it seems we have lost the joy of hearing other view points. For myself, I think it is an underlying issue of insecurity. However, I can sense God changing me in this area, encouraging me to be bold, yet always have ears to hear, while sifting through what I will keep as truth and what I will disregard.

I am learning that this is my journey. No one can walk it, live it, but me. Others will be brought along to walk with me and I with them, but, I must follow my own heart. I must follow the voice of the Lord in my life.

This is what the Spirit is doing in my life. This is what He is speaking to my heart. This is how He is continuing to set me free. It is not my job to convince others of the truths God has shown me, only to be myself and share myself, trusting the Holy Spirit to deposit truth, both in them and in me.

So today I am asking God to continue to strengthen me in truth and in freedom. To strengthen me in the ability to stand with confidence in what He has done in my life, regardless of who agrees or disagrees. To help me to love and respect others, to not be offended if they have a different point of view or even if they seem to want to discredit what God has done in my life. To help me see Jesus, in everything.


twofinches said...

Ah...this is why the Bible tells us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. That is what sets this whole Jesus discipleship apart from cults and false religions. Though there are some absolutes that we must obey, there is plenty of room for God to use who we are to show us clearly who we can be! Good post

Billy Coffey said...

Great post, Daveda. Asking God to make us bigger is easy. But He often has to stretch us a little to do that, and that's not so easy. I'm enjoying your journey!

Warren Baldwin said...

Very good. Living faithfully doesn't mean living easily. Often where God leads and what he asks us to do is not easy or ordinary. We are stretched. We may doubt ourselves and feel threatened, even hurt. That's ok, we don't minister in our strength anyway, do we? He'll give us his strength. Good post. wb

jcdisciple said...

Are you sensing a real movement of the Holy Spirit among His "true" believers in America to get more bold? I certainly am. As I have been set free, like you, I just want to be the woman at the well and tell others about "the man that knew everything about me" and loved me anyway. However, at the same time I keep finding that many others want to chime in, "Oh, I know isn't Jesus wonderful? Hey, did you see that Twilight movie, or did you know that my boyfriend and I are moving in together, etc. etc." It's getting so much harder for me to "tolerate" such blasphemy against God in the name of "tolerance" and yet the enemy continually causes me to feel that I am not "loving" them if I say anything. (That's not to mention even those who are "moral" seem to have little concern for the numerous souls that are going to Hell around them) It is a strange dichotomy between feeling free from sin and yet compelled to suffer in order to speak the truth. But no matter if I want to try to "tone down" it's like the Spirit within me just keeps compelling me to be bold. Of course, the upside to all of this is that I have to stay VERY CLOSE to Christ and I no longer doubt the genuineness and authenticity of my salvation. Great post..I enjoy your work.

Cheri Bunch said...

Awesome post,Daveda! Very, very good!

jhazmyn said...

"It is not my job to convince others of the truths God has shown me, only to be myself and share myself, trusting the Holy Spirit to deposit truth, both in them and in me"....

those words speak right to my heart

Daveda said...

twofinches - Yes, I agree it is what sets us apart. Many cults and false religions are simply after conformity, obedience with out relationship, and it is what sets us apart. But, the Lord in His great love for us allows, even encourages us to walk it out. He know that the power of His Spirit in our lives is greater that any mistakes we might make along the way.

Billy - Wonderful word that encourages my heart! Thanks billy, I am enjoying your journey as well.

Warren - I agree that God does ask things out of the ordinary...LOL! But, that's what keeps the journey exciting! Ministering in our own strength leaves us exhausted and tired, as i mentioned in part one, I've been there. A place I hope and pray I never go back to.

jcdisciple - I do feel the Spirit changing me to be bold, to share what God has done in my life. However, I think many of the things you mentioned, the sin that people live in, is fruit that comes out of what is truly inside. If the work of the Spirit, the work of God's love in our hearts produces good fruit, then where there is a lack of a revelation of that love there will be bad fruit...make sense?

I no longer get distracted by what I see on the outside of peoples lives, I ask God to help me minister His love and truth to the inside, trusting that the Holy Spirit through the power of Grace, will change them. I do address issues if I am lead to, yet I have seen the Spirit take care of more than I could have ever dreamed, as I show them God's love.

I don't think I am being tolerant of sin, but with the woman at the well, as you mentioned Jesus, told her she was forgiven before He told her to sin no more. I just think people have to realize that they are loved before any great change takes place. In Titus 2:11 it says

"For the grace of God (His unmerited favor and blessing) has come forward (appeared) for the deliverance from sin and the eternal salvation for all mankind."

God is working in His people! Glad to be on this journey with you!

Cheri - Thanks friend!

Jhazmyn - I feel like I can relate to where you are on your journey. Glad that the Father has brought us together through blogging to encourage one another along the way! Many Blessings!

Chris said...

May you be strengthened in truth and freedom! Hope all is well.

christy rose said...

Isn't is wonderful when we recognize that the stretching will bring us to a better place. It makes the process a little easier sometimes. I am so thankful that Jesus made this new way for us to live in Him. And as we do it, others will see His glory in us and know Truth as well. You are right it is not our job to convince others. God will do that in us!

Btw, I am trying your chicken lip dip today. I will let you know how it turns out.


Daveda said...

Chris - So glad you came by today!

Christy - I am blessed to be on this journey with you! Thanks for being a friend and reminding us all of the truth! I hope you enjoy the Chicken Lip Dip!

Sarah Dawn said...

I needed this today dear one, thanks for the gentle reminder. I need to live for Him, may my life shout His praise, regardless of what others may think.

Sarah Dawn