Monday, July 27, 2009


We had a great day yesterday! We spent the day together, enjoying God's beautiful creation at a local state park. The boys fished, I sat and talked to my Daddy, we ate a picnic lunch, and then took out a paddle boat. It was an amazing time of reconnecting with each other.

God is changing me, stretching me, drawing me closer to the heart of Him. Yet it seems, the closer I get to His heart, the less I feel the need to be a part of all the things I used to find so much value in. I am finding peace and contentment, in my everyday life. I have need of only one thing, Jesus.

God has shown me this week a place in my heart that He is changing. A place where "religion" lives. A place that does not reflect the Fathers love.

Prior to our wonderful day, I believe I said something, quite insulting to my husband. I didn't mean to. It just slipped out. As it did, I immediately recognized the lack of love and respect in my statement. I realized that God was showing me an area He was changing in me.

You see my husband is not into "religion" AT ALL. I am not saying that he does not believe that there is a God who loves us. He just does not think that we need to jump through the hoops of a religious system to have God in our lives. He does not believe that the only good to be done is in the church as a system or even that it is a requirement that we be involved in it.

He is a very authentic person who will in no way do something just because someone told him he should. I admire him for this. Because of this, I know that all the changes I have seen God make in him, are real. I know that when he mows the neighbors lawn, he does it because he cares. I know that when he tells me he prayed, he did it because he believes there is someone worth talking to. I know when he tells me that he thinks something is a tactic, or man made, he is not being rebellious, just honest.

My husband does not feel that he needs to wear a label, to be loved by God. He has stepped into this journey slowly and carefully. Unlike me, who jumped in head first and kept swimming. He, at this point does not confess to be called a believer, because of the stereo type that is associated with that label. At times, I feel a bit confused at what to say when asked "Is your husband a Christian?" I used to say "no, God is still working in him". But the last couple of years, every time I find myself about to say no, I feel the Spirit, correcting me. I am not supposed to say this any more. God looks at a persons heart, maybe he sees, what I don't...or do I?

We were discussing a book yesterday. A book about raising children, teens in particular. A book my husband thought might give us some good direction. I have to tell you my husband is not a reader, AT ALL. So, just the fact that he would suggest we read something together, was a miracle, one I had hoped for, for a long time. I love to read!

But, what do I do, I glance at the computer screen, do not recognize the author as a "Christian" and say, that guys probably not even a believer, what do we want that for?" My husband is frustrated, closes out the screen and feels that his attempt to take the lead in our family concerning our children has just been thwarted, because someone doesn't fit a label.

How insulting, to say that because someone is not a "christian", a "believer" they have nothing good to offer. No truth to be shared. All truth belongs to God, regardless of where it comes from. I do realize that we have to sift through what we hear, we cannot retain everything someone says if it does not line up with the truth that is Jesus. But, don't we need to do this with other Christians as well? Do we not feel the need to sift through what we are taught, even when someone is a believer?

I realize I may ruffle your feathers with this post. I realize it goes against much of what is taught today. But, I know the voice of my Shepard, and I know that He is calling me to step back and learn from my husband, regardless of what "label" he refuses to wear.

I know that my Father is building in me the ability to trust Him, and Him alone. He is teaching me to trust the Spirit inside of me, to trust the Oneness I have with Jesus.

I am not perfect, I will make mistakes, take some wrong turns and need to be corrected. But, if all I focus on is what I am not, my inability to get it right, is that not still focus on self? I am learning to focus on what Jesus has done for me. Who He says I am and on His power at work in my life, even when it doesn't seem to fit the "norm". This is what I will trust as I continue on this journey, Him, and Him alone.

So who knows where God will take Matt and I from here, except the Father. But, it is a journey I look forward to taking.

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Shanda said...

"Do we not feel the need to sift through what we are taught, even when someone is a believer?"

Absolutely. It is clear that there are false teachers to be had. Some that will intentionally stick on a "label on to purposefully sway hearts and minds.

As long as we "believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths" that Jesus is our Savior; we belong to Him. Too many get caught up in semantics or "labels."

That said, the body of Christ is meant to work as a whole. I think that may be the irony of being a "Christ follower, Born Again Believer, Christian, etc." is that people can be so busy rejecting each other that God's work is thwarted...

Balance is truly only found in walking daily with the Lord...whatever that is called!! LOL!

Daveda said...

Shanda - yes, we are to work as a whole, one group of us is no better than another. I agree, with you, walking with Him, trusting His voice in your life, is the only way! Thanks for sharing!

christy rose said...

Good points here Daveda! I believe God is leading you to trust Him to lead you by your husband. It is not easy sometimes to trust our husband to hear the voice of God. But God tells us to trust Him not them. And He will move our husband's heart and mind in the direction He wills. My problem seeing my husband's weaknesses as bigger than God's abilities. That stupid devil! He is such a liar! The real devil I mean! Not my husband. :) I know you knew that I just wanted to clarify that for anyone who might read this comment and really do not know me that well. :) I am being silly now! But I do believe that God is doing the same things in both of our hearts. He is like that you know. Moves uniformly in the hearts of His children.
Great Post Daveda,

Hope to see you this week. That would be great! Did no actually get to make the dip but I got the stuff and ran out of time. It is on my to do list though.

Tracy Wagman said...

Yes,indeed we are to sift through evrything we are taught! Christians can be just as deceived as unbelievers.
I wrote a post you might be interested in checking out. it's on my sidebar above the toolbox marked Deception.
I will be praying for your husband.

Sarah Dawn said...

The need of only one thing, Jesus. I'm carrying that with me today dear one.

Sarah Dawn

Daveda said...

Christy, I think your right. I think He is saying that even if it looks like I am moving away from what has been deemed to "look right" that it's okay, because I can trust Him. Through my yielding to my husband, God will do wonderful things in me and my whole family. I also agree that the stupid Devil...LOL, the real one, does try to distract us with what we see as weakness, in my case I sometimes wonder "how much does he (matt) really hear from God". Yet, time and time again God has shown me His ability to work through Matt, even when he doesn't fully understand. Hope to see you soon!

Daveda said...

Tracy, I did read your post and I agree, both believers and nonbelievers can be deceived. In my life I know that staying One with my Jesus keeps me walking in truth. I will not have everything right all the time, but I know that if I misunderstand He will reveal truth to me.

My husband is very wise and discerning, God has shown me in the last several years that Matt has seen through "religion" when I was sucked in. Sucked into things looking right on the outside, without the change being produced by the Spirit, sucked into thinking that life with God can only look one way. God is bringing us to a place of unity. I am very excited for what the future holds as He continues to work in us both. Thanks for your comment, and recommending your post.

Daveda said...

Sarah - *smile*

jhazmyn said...

One thing that came to mind while reading this post is the fact that we're all created in God's image..believers and "unbelievers" as well, that makes me believe that even in the worst of persons there's a bit of God that is given out every now and then.

I have friends who are not self professing believers and God knows their frankness and openness has been a blessing to me more times than ever

Daveda said...

jhazmn - Absolutely! I agree with that 100%. We are all made in the image of God. People who do not know the Lord, yet fall madly and deeply in love, are living through that God given image. People who give of themselves to others, are living through their God given image, as well. Thanks for your comment!

Lisa said...

So many parallels I can see in your life and mine. I was raised in an extremely strict United Pentecostal home and never knew what Grace truly meant. You can think you know Him, as I did, but not have a clue. It's truly amazing. I'm so glad He's still working on me and in me. It's sometimes painful, but always a blessing. Thank you Jesus!

Denise said...

I love your blog.

Maureen said...

Daveda I so enjoyed reading this post. God has been showing me similar things. I am learning that even though my hubbie is not saved, I should still allow him to lead in certain areas. I used to think that because he wasn't a believer that I didn't have to take his direction in my life. But since I have left "regular" church, I have seen him change, and take on more responsibility in our marriage. I think I allowed the 'church leaders' more input into my life than I did my husband, and I know this was wrong.

I also appreciated what you said about all truth belonging to God. You are so right! I have thought that myself, and am learning to appreciate how God uses EVERYONE, the saved and the not saved. Being a Christian doesn't make a person infallible, and we need to use discernment no matter what the source of our information or advice is. I thank God that He gives good gifts to ALL of us, and that He pours out grace on all of mankind. Our job is to help people to recognize that HE is the giver of all good things! Bless you and your family.