Monday, June 29, 2009

Friends and Family

I am leaving town! Adios, Goodbye! My family and I are making the trip back to Ohio this week, I am very excited to see my family. Especially my Granny, she was diagnosed with terminal Lung Cancer back in April. She is on in-home Hospice and is also showing signs of Dementia.

I love my Granny so much and will miss her terribly when she is gone. She has always shown me unconditional love, that is how I will remember her.

I am praying for Gods peace to surround her the rest of her days. I am praising Him that He has a better place for her, a place where I will be with her much longer than I am without her.

On another note, I get to see my sisters, my nieces and nephew, my parents (including the grand ones), and friends! I am looking froward to laughing, sharing and catching up.

Family, they are so very important. I have in the past not placed enough value in the meaning of Family. Especially after I became a believer. Yes, I know, read that again, it doesn't sound quite right does it? "I have in the past not placed enough value in the meaning of Family. Especially after I became a believer."

I felt misunderstood by them, and sadly, I pulled away. I allowed a religious mindset to separate me from them, instead of allowing the Love of God to draw me to them. But, honestly, I didn't see it for what it was.

But now, I think once we have received the love of God in our hearts one of the best places to let it overflow into is our families. It is my belief that part of the problem is that instead of receiving God's love, we receive the do's and dont's of religion. Instead of hearing about how the Spirit will work in us changing us from glory to glory as we receive and believe God's love for us, we hear what the outside stuff is supposed to look like. When what we see on the outside in the lives of others does not line up, we take a prideful stand in the name of the Lord, and in a sense, reject them. Sad. I did this.

My heart has been changed about my family. I love them All. I want to reach out and let the love that God has shown me flow into their lives. I want them to know that I love them, and it no longer matters if I feel they love me the same. Because the One who matters most, DOES!

I started writing this post to simply let you know, I may not be back for awhile. I may or may not get the chance to post, read comments, or visit you for the next two or three weeks. Because I will be soaking up the sun and fun with my friends and family in Ohio!


Tracy Wagman said...

Have a great trip Daveda! I will keep your family in my prayers esp. your Grandma. God will use you to direct them to Him. You have loads of wisdom to give them.
Keep shining!

Daveda said...

Thanks Tracy, what a wonderful encouragement! Just found out moments ago, that Granny is getting worse. It's a good time to be going home.

My Granny is a believer, so that gives me joy.

Lisa said...

God is with you as you go to see your Grandma. I pray for a glorious and grand homegoing for her and a wonderful time of fellowship and togetherness for your family. God's plan is best and I know he's got only the very best in store for you all!

We'll miss you, but enjoy your time away.

Love you so much!


Daveda said...

Thanks Lisa, I will. He does have good things planned for us. He will help us through this time. Talk soon. See you on Facebook!~

RCUBEs said...

May God be with you and surround you and your family with His love, protection, comfort and strength. I'm going through what you've gone through with one of my bros. who distanced himself when he found out I became a born-again Christian. It's sad when things like these happen, though the Lord had warned us too that this could happen even among our own families, we could be divided when we choose to follow Him. I had let go of it and just let God deal with it. God bless.

Martha said...

Oh my, have fun in Ohio. I will keep your grandma in my prayers, please keep us updated on her condition. I will also pray that God will use you as a vessel to draw others closer to Him <3

Daveda said...

RCUBES, Thank you for the kind words. God is faithful!

Daveda said...

Martha, Thank you so much for your heart of support. I think I am going to try and look you up on Facebook, I see that you are on there.

I long to be used to draw others to the heart of our Father. God's love is bigger than our differences!I am so glad that He has changed my heart. I am free to love without feeling like I have to "change" or "convince" others of the truth. The truth is strong enough to stand on it's own!

Kee said...

I'm so happy you are going to be with your Granny and your family right now. I will pray for a safe trip and peace while you are there.

Will miss your posts while you are gone.
WHat will I ever do without my daily Daveda fixes :)

Was it you who wanted to spice up your blog a little, if so I would be very happy to help you out when you get back, a coming home gift, if you will. :) Just let me know.
email me

Warren Baldwin said...

"I felt misunderstood by them, and sadly, I pulled away. I allowed a religious mindset to separate me from them, instead of allowing the Love of God to draw me to them."

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common response for someone who comes to Christ. The good news, many of them move away from this posture and try to draw close to their family again, as you have done and continue to do. That is spiritual growth.

You are doing a good thing taking a 2 week break from the computer and concentrating on the important people in your life. Good choice!

I pray your 2 weeks with your family goes well.


Billy Coffey said...

Have a great trip, Daveda! Travelling mercies for you and your family.

Amy Deardon said...

Daveda, I'm so glad you have this time together. Hope your trip is going well

Julie said...

Hope your trip is going well... Praying for blessed rest and refreshment for you...

Shanda said...

I have been praying for you & for your Granny! May this time be sweet and filled with God's grace and peace.

Love you my friend!