Friday, June 5, 2009

Where Is Your Hope?

I have discovered that I feel frustrated, and saddened, by people who are continually negative about life. I used to simply think, "oh well they are them I am me, we will just leave it at that".

However, I am discovering that these people do not just affect themselves. They affect all those that are around when they open their mouths, use the necessary muscles and allow words to come out! Do you know the kind of folks I am referring to?

The people who suck the life out of you in every conversation you have with them.

The people who can't seem to see the bright side, even when you shine it into their faces.

Is it not sad that people, especially those of us who know the Lord, cannot see past the negative? Not only can they not see past it, but they impose their gloomy ideas and opinions on everyone around.

God is good! He is good all the time! At Every Turn! In every circumstance!

I realize in life we go through tough situations. But, I guess the question is where is your hope in those situations?

My hope is always in Jesus and what He has done for me. My hope is in the fact the He, Himself proclaimed "It Is Finished!"

The world should see hope when they look at us. Not gloomy dispositions that have less hope and joy then they do. Jesus is the answer. And, there is ALWAYS hope!

My heart is broken for those who are "found" yet have no hope. Yes, it's true this post is, as you guessed, me venting...a little, okay, a lot. I will not lie, I have been frustrated this week by people who think they are being realistic, but in all actuality they are being pessimistic, with no hope.

I know not everyone is me, I tend to see the bright side. Especially, since I have found Jesus and He has developed in me, a trust in His power and favor operating in my life.

We can ALL have this hope. God is not a respecter of persons, He will do in you what He has done in me. It is my prayer, my hope, that he will continue to strengthen me in this area, and you as well.

where is your hope today?


HappyascanB said...

I needed this reminder. I have just had some really negative, frustrating thoughts about a friend I'm trying to bring to Christ. In my eyes, she's backsliding. But who am I? God is doing the work, hopefully through me. And my hope must lie in Him!!! Thanks!!!

christy rose said...

I am with you on the sad people who such the life right out of a room. But thank you Jesus that Light just keeps shining in our hearts and turns right back on. I love Happy people. It is hope that truly makes us happy. Without it, there is not one reason to live. I love Psalm 146:5 that says, "Happy is he whose hope is in the Lord."
Love ya,
See ya soon,

Anonymous said...

I agree! I've been reading a book (I know, shocker, right?) and the author says that we can either practice hitting the notes of bitterness and negativity in our lives or we can practice hitting the notes of merriment and joy. Whatever we practice, that will be the "default" emotion that we go to. I really like that because my mind tends to jump to the negative conclusion, but when I chose to believe God and to practice joy and hope, God changes me!

Angela said...

I deal with this DEFINITELY five days a week..suck the life out of you, open their mouths and it effect everyone..oh I connected with those statements girl...What I am learning is to ARMOR myself,,especially after the conversations that have taken place with these types of people...I pray pray pray, when I leave their presence..pray that this spirit will not attach itself upon me, pray for that person of course, pray that my heart is praising, that I'm not holding unto judgment and that it DOES not spread into my own home and upon my family!!! I have learned (which it never dawned on me before),,after my time spent listening to these people spew their poison of negativity, it WAS effecting me and my family. Negativity had entered into our house...I praise God for that revelation because now I can armor myself, I BIND it from coming into my home and touching my family and I..I keep also repeating,,I do not fight against flesh and blood...((hugs)) Thanks for sharing your heart.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! I am one of those negative people but I try to close my mouth and hide it from the public eye. You know what? Even if I don't say a single thing, people can notice it and our interaction is quite different. I need to focus that I am saved, which is the ultimate gift that I can obtain during my lifetime and it definitely calls for a celebration!!... and cake ((whistling))

jcdisciple said...

Love this. Sadly I used to be one of those people and since the Lord opened my eyes I am much more careful...although if I don't put my armor on I can fall back into it. It is a trap that satan uses to keep us from focusing on our hope. The one thing I think that frustrates me most is not only people that 'speak' negatively, but those that don't mind 'writing' it down for all the world to see in writing. I am constantly amazed by the negative complaining sarcasm that I find on Facebook and even blogger by my brothers and sisters. Sadly, I used to get angry at them, but then the Lord revealed the log in my eye and I began to feel sorry for them because they don't realize what they are doing and how badly it makes their witness look. I'm like your commenter who says she learns to put on her armor and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. I have finally realized that so much of what we do that is contrary to what God commands not only grieves Him, but it really allows the enemy to war against us and is responsible for why we are so weak and ineffective as Christians. Thanks for sharing this and I am right there with you on this sister...I think it is unfortunately a symptom of a spoiled, unpersecuted church that doesn't fully recognize the blessings she has. All I need to do when I start getting that way is spend some time reading Voice of the Martyrs or Christian Freedom International and remind myself what many of my brothers and sisters around the world are enduring for their faith. Immediately I am convicted and ashamed of my grumbling.

Warren Baldwin said...

Well stated. Just because it is a common problem doesn't mean it is an insignificant one! In the Old Testament God punished the Israelites several on a couple of occasions because they complained! Always complaining and being negative demonstrates a heart that is not full of gratitude.

I've seen the same thing jcdisciple mentioned about FaceBook - negative comments about others. I've mentioned that to some of the people who have made them and they took their comments off.

My post on "Bible Fountain" this week is "An Encouraging Word," which looks briefly at the gift of encouragement. wb

twofinches said...


I followed you here from another blog...your writing style is the fresh honest appraoch I favor!

As I grow in Christ (and as the years wisen me) I slough off those who hinder my race toward the goal...I no longer feel obligated to run with those who slow my progress...many words in Philippians give great advice on this.

I am glad to have found (and now follow) you



RCUBEs said...

Sometimes I wonder, too how much trust people put in Christ that they remain to be negative in the way they deal with things. It shouldn't be half-hearted but 100% trust in the Lord. That we have no option but to rejoice despite the trials we face, knowing He never leaves nor forsakes us. I know it's easier said than done but may the Lord continue to mold all of His children. We can't be a blessing to unbelievers until the change starts in us. God bless you Daveda

Shanda said...

I love the "Message" version of Proverbs 17:22

"A cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired."

Such truth. I do think others are more prone to hold to that kind of a disposition; but it is worth pushing through that darkness and into the light of hope. Who wants to leave people bone tired?

Keep shining the light of hope! Sometimes it is those rays of light that stream into our souls through the influence of others that can make all of the difference!

Blessings to you friend!