Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It Is Finished!

When you think of salvation, what do you think of? Do you think of merely going to heaven, spending eternity with God, being saved from damnation and hell, being qualified to be saved through the end times? What do you think?

I used to think that salvation meant "I get to go to heaven when this is all over." I no longer think of salvation this way. What God has shown me is that salvation is not just going to heaven. Salvation is multifaceted. One of the Hebrew words for salvation is Yeshua. Jesus is salvation. Everything He died for us to have access to is part of that salvation.

I want to share with you some of the words that I have found in my studies to describe salvation, they have really helped me see the big picture;


I was on the phone with an old friend yesterday, she was sharing some life "stuff" with me and as I was encouraging her, and pointing her back to Jesus, our conversation went something like the following;

Me: "The work is finished, God completed the work necessary for all of our problems on the cross. When Jesus said "It is finished" He meant it is finished, all of it! Now, we can look to Him and trust Him to bring forth those answers. We can look to, and rest in, the power of the Holy Spirit operating in our lives to manifest and bring forth that work. And, even the looking to and trusting part is developed by Him, so we only need to ask and keep looking to Him."

Friend: "Oh wow, I never thought of applying the sinners prayer to other areas of my life. I think I needed to hear that today."

I have to admit,I had forgotten that many people think this way. Trusting in the power of the cross has become second nature to me. Thinking that salvation was simply my ticket to heaven left me looking to myself to figure out my problems. It left me with no hope in God's promises. Looking to myself, thinking I had to "figure it out", and make sure I got right, only left me frustrated and confused.

Eternity starts now. We can begin to enjoy all God has for us while we are still here, on this earth. When we look to our Father, He can develop a deep unshakable trust in His love and power working in our lives. When we look to Him, He can help us to trust in the power of the work on the cross. He can remind us that "It is Finished!"

Let's Talk Grace! What are your thoughts on salvation? What do you think Jesus meant when He said "It is finished"?

I would like to see Grace Talk become a safe place for us to have discussions. Please leave a comment, and then check back, I will try to reply to your comments. If you have a comment for another commenter, please leave that as well. I believe one of the ways we learn and grow is through our discussions with one another. Lets Talk Grace!


christy rose said...

Amen! It is finished! The stuggle to accomplish on our own what only He can accomplish is over! He accomplished it already and we get to benefit from it immediately! Powerful! So Powerful!

Tracy Wagman said...

I believe the key is in the applicating. I will really be praying for your grandma.

Daveda said...


yes, I love (hate) the word you used "struggle". When we know what has been accomplished for us we can walk out our salvation in a rested and refreshed way. Trusting in Him!

Thanks for sharing!

Daveda said...


Thanks for sharing that, yes the applicating. I used to think that I had to get that just right to. If I did not know exactly how to use God's truth correctly, or pray just right, then I would somehow disqualify myself.

But, now I believe that we MUST realize we can only do this as the Spirit teaches us and guides us through His power and truth. Outside of that, it is simply human-effort which results in failure and condemnation.

Thanks for sharing that it is a good point.

RCUBEs said...

"It is finished"...means Jesus fulfilled His mission to die on the cross and pay for our sins. "Paid in full!!!" If I have my mortgage paid in full, I'll be so joyful and will be shouting "yes!" And Jesus declared "victory" by saying "It is finished". Our lives here will always be full of trials and sufferings but we must look up to His cross and remember His Word "It is finished" so we can always get back up when we fall and finish the race marked for each of us, towards the crown of life.
Great thought-provoking post here. God bless sister.

Daveda said...

RCUBEs - Yes, and since we are free from sin, we are in right standing with God Which means we qualify for all of God's blessings and promises!

I agree, this life is full of trials, but we have hope in Christ in the midst of them all. We have hope that even though we may not see it, God is working on our behalf moment by moment.

Developing a trust in this enables us to walk in the freedom purchased for us!

Thanks for sharing, I love your comment.