Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Not About Me

Wayne Jacobson, collaborator on The Shack and author of So, you don't want to go to Church Anymore, He Loves Me, and Authentic Relationships, was a speaker at last weekends conference. I loved listening to Him as God stirred my Spirit within me. Much of what he spoke brought confirmation and further revelation to what God has been speaking to my heart for years now. "It's not about me."

You may read those words and think I mean it in the sense that I am not to be selfish, or self focused. And, I suppose in a sense I do, but what God spoke deep in my heart was this.

"I have called you and placed you on a hill, I have set you up high. I have called you to myself, you will forever be mine. You have no power to fix or mold your life, or that of others. You have no power to change your own heart, desires or will. That power is mine. What I have asked of you or spoke to your heart about, I will bring to pass. The areas you see yourself fall short in are mine to bring about change in. As you rest in me and turn to me, admitting your need for me, I will do all that has been place in your heart."

It's not about me...It's All about Him!

Have you ever saw lack in an area of your life and because God showed it to you, you thought "God wants me to change that, or make that happen" I know I have, many times. Most of the time when I tried, I failed. I can't make myself different than what I am, and I can not bring to pass what God has shown me, only He can.

God told Abraham he would be the father of many nations...

He did not tell him to make it happen though.

Wayne told us a story about him and his wife taking a ballroom dance class. Neither of them knew how to do this type of dancing, and what they did know they did not know how to do well. He said that as the class began, the teacher needing a partner for demonstration, grabbed his wife, Sarah. He floated her around the dance floor and she looked as if she has been dancing for years. When the dance was over the teacher said.

"To be a good dancer, only one of you needs to know how to dance."

He explained that the one who leads is able to push a hip this way, and direct a twirl that way. The only thing required from the other dancer is that they relax and follow. The only way they can mess it up is if they try to resist or figure the steps out for themselves during the dance.

This spoke to my heart, and confirmed in me what God had spoken. Turning to Him is all that is required and He will do the rest. He will lead, push a hip this way and direct a twirl that way.

When I say it's not about me, I mean it's really not about me. I do not need to know where I am going or how to get there. I do not need to try to change my own heart. I just need to rest and trust Him, as He leads me across the floor.


Tracy Wagman said...

Ohh Daveda,
This really minstered to me!

Shanda said...

I know this post will touch many; yet it seems to be written just for me. It resonated on several different levels.

The message God was speaking to your heart was one He has been speaking to mine as well. It also reminded me of something that God showed me years ago. It is only when we are seeking His face and walking in His grace that we are gifted - the power is not our own; it is in Him alone.

King Uzziah who had become king at the age of 16 when his father died. He sought the Lord and God blessed him with amazing skill in battle and in re-building.

"His fame spread far and wide, for he was greatly helped (by God) until he became powerful. But after Uzziah became powerful, his pride led to his downfall." (2 Chronicles 26:15b-16)NIV

His life ended with him defying God's law by entering the temple of the Lord and offering incense (which was not his to do.) He became leprous, living separated and never allowed to enter the temple again.

It is so easy for us to believe that we need to strive to accomplish that which the Lord has laid on our hearts; it is also easy to want to take credit for that which the Lord is doing through us...the power is his alone; the honor is his alone. We simply need to seek Him, walk in that which He sets before us and rest in Him to accomplish His will through it all.

My heart knows that well; my mind will sometimes run ahead a bit trying to "work out" what God is stirring up. I have been releasing many "good things" as of late to rest more completely in Him. To allow Him to work instead of me. It is freeing in many ways.

I know that I am just scratching the surface of the depth of this truth within my own life. I believe that is why God united us last are a constant and faithful reminder of this truth in my life. I am thankful for you my friend!

I pray that we will rest fully in Him as He fulfills all that He has placed in our hearts!

Julie said...


I love Wayne Jacobsen's writings and teachings. I loved this picture. It's funny I've written twice on my blog about dancing. Papa God has shown me the same stuff. He extends His hand and waits for me to accept... then He will twirl me off onto the dance floor....showing me each step to take.

One of the former speakers at Captivating (by Ransomed Heart) conference took ballroom dancing classes. She told us a story of a man who asked her to dance. He told her that if her foot did not end up where it needed to be then he was not doing what he was supposed to do. In other words where your foot is placed is where the lead man takes you. I loved that picture and have never forgotten it.

Loved this post! Wish I could have been at the conference!

RCUBEs said...

Amen! Submitting to God's control...That's what it's all about. Without Christ, we are truly inadequate and powerless to do anything of lasting value. "It's all about Him". Yes Lord, remind us it's about You. Powerful post sister Daveda and thank you for sharing. God bless and have a great weekend.

Kee said...

Thank you for this post and reminding me that all I have to do is relax, trust and let God lead. It's so hard for me, but I too feel He has been speaking this to my heart with all that has been going on lately.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I know that to be true of the ballroom dancing classes my husband and I take. When the instructor takes me for an example, I can dance the dances I have not yet learned. It really is all in learning to follow and trust!

I love the way you let me into what God showed you about His leading ...thats the great thing about Christian blogging...gaining insight from many sources.

Angela said...

just need to rest and trust Him, as He leads me across the floor.
amen amen amen sis..

I write a post each Sunday called It's Not About you, it's all about HIM!!!!

Billy Coffey said...

That was so wonderful, Daveda. Just what I needed to hear this morning!

Warren Baldwin said...

Great post Daveda. I like the point made by the dance illustration - to be a great dancer, only one needs to know how to dance. To really walk in Christ, we have Christ doing the leading, don't we? Good post!

Anonymous said...

I recently listened to a moving message by a woman named Rachel Barkey, a young mother with terminal cancer. She speaks on this very thing, 'It's not about me.' If you're interested, you can hear her talk here:

Thanks so much for the dancing analogy!

christy rose said...

Daveda, I loved that illustration too. It is such a perfect analogy of letting God lead us into the flow and fluency (the dance) of the life that He provided for us in Jesus. I love the picture that puts into my mind when I think about Jesus twirling me, dipping me, and leading me in the dance of my life. :)

Cheri Bunch said...

I love this! Rich with wisdom! Thank you for sharing!