Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Natural

Have you ever had one of those seasons, when you just knew that God was doing a work in you? You know what I am talking about, when the land you seem to be trudging through feels thick and the next step must weigh a million pounds, yet you just know that it is going to work for the good?

WHEW! That has been my season. God has been bringing, change after change after change. I will admit there have been days that I went to my room and cried. There have been days that I thought about going back to bed. I feel like I must not be getting this right, or that right.

The good news is that those thoughts only last for a moment...well, okay sometimes longer than a moment. My point is...Jesus quickly reminds me of what the truth is about me because of Him and I am back on my way...eyes on the lover of my soul.

I was tempted to accept defeat this week. I was tempted to say, I just don't know how to do this. This situation is too big for me! Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of my righteousness, and I remembered that nothing is to big for Him, He is my teacher.

I have to admit, I made several mistake this week with my son. We seem to be going through many challenges together. As a matter of fact, as I am writing this he is sitting on the couch across from me unable to let go of a situation. A part of me wants to cry, another thing, another situation in a line of the many challenges we are facing.

Jesus does not expect me to get it all right...that makes me smile. Not only do I not have to get it right, but He will use my mistakes to benefit me! He will work ALL things together for good. This includes what I do when I get it wrong.

I may not feel like I am a natural at many of the things I am faced with in this moment. My Jesus however, is. He is a natural at everything, and He has sent His Spirit to guide me and lead me in them all.

So, though the steps seem heavy and the rain some days matches my heart, I will not accept defeat. I will not lay down and cry...(well, maybe a little *grin*) because I know that His grace is enough.

His power, favor and love operating in my life makes me victorious because Jesus is victory.

I am not trying to get to a place where I can get God to move in my life so that I can have success in this area. No, the work has been done and victory already belongs to me. Victory belongs to my son as well.

Not because we are going to get this all right.

Not because we are never going to make mistakes.

But because Jesus has already declared...


He is a natural, at all I put my hand to.


RCUBEs said...

I say "Amen". If He is in us, then His strength is in us, His power in us, His love in us, I can go on and on...We have an awesome God we serve Who will never let us down. To God be the glory! May He sustain you with His strength to accomplish the work that He marked for you. God bless you and your family.

Denise said...

Let me add a great big amen.

Loren said...

Amen and Amen! It is finished. Complete.

Awesome post!

I gave you an award today....thankyou for precious gift of your friendship

Warren Baldwin said...

I take comfort in knowing that God's strength works in our weakness. That is true even in parenting. Even though you and your son are having tough time right now I'm glad you are still in the same room together! You are trudging through this together, and that is helping prepare him for life.

Heart2Heart said...


I am amazed at your faith and your strength! You are a complete inspiration to those of us that stopped by here today. Thank you for writing this.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Susan said...

Thank You!

Andrea said...

THANK YOU for another great post.

Continuing to fight the good fight, andrea

Edie said...

Daveda I can't tell you what an encouragement this post is to me today. Sometimes we just need to hear it out loud again. Thank you.

Much love!

Rhonda said...


Afronuts said...

lol...I'm going thru the same season too. And I tell u, the devil's trying to make me feel it wont turn out fine but just like Jesus used to scriptures to bust his call during the temptations, I used the scripture that all things will work for my good too.

Thank goodness for the Holy Spirit. He's made me do things that I've never been able to do....even as far as speaking something b4 it happens...awesome God he is!

jhazmyn said...

"So, though the steps seem heavy and the rain some days matches my heart, I will not accept defeat. I will not lay down and cry...(well, maybe a little *grin*) because I know that His grace is enough."

This statement encourages me, His grace is always enough yet there are those times when He allows us curl up in His lap and let Him soothe the pain...God bless and uphold u dear

Kee said...

Amen amen and amen my sweet friend.
He expects us to make mistakes, I love that. Because otherwise what would we need Him for. He tales our mistakes and tteaches us and brings beautiful things to glorify Him with them,
You have blessed me today my dear friend, thank you.

Angela said...

he work has been done and victory already belongs to me. Victory belongs to my son as well.

The Holy Spirit kept reminding me this week..'these are teachable moments Angela, this is not defeat, this is bringing you closer in your family's walking in the fruits of the Spirit. Do not despair'...

awesome post sis..I totally related...

Billy Coffey said...

What inspiring words, Daveda. God always turns my mistakes into blessings. Stumbling is still moving forward.

Irritable Mother said...

I have heard it said God never gives us more than we can handle. But I heartily disagree with that statement.
He often gives me waaaaay more than I can handle.
BUT, it is never too much for Him. And when I trust in Him, when I remember who He is, when I remember that who I am doesn't matter - He takes over and shows me His power. He IS a Natural!

~*Michelle*~ said...

WOW...this is awesome!

What a testimony to the wonderful gifts that God has for us.....grace, strength, forgiveness (as in ourselves)comfort...... and the hope and promise of a new day!

Romans 8:31 reminds us....if He is for us, who can be against us?


Deborah Ann said...

Daveda, you truly have a gift from God to drive a meaning across a blog in a teachable, loving way.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Girl you can preach it there!!! Great post.

And for your comment on the 5 moms blog today...its the thought that counts right?

Cheri Bunch said...

Excellent, Daveda! Thank you for sharing this! Your words bring liberty to the soul! I praise Him for doing a work in you, it teaches me! Love you, Cheri

christy rose said...

Amen! It is finished!