Friday, September 18, 2009

Rambling On's...Oregano?

This is not a repeat post from a couple of weeks ago, in case you are wondering. No, this is a new Rambling On's...I quite enjoyed posting the last hodge podge post, so I thought I would do it again. I may try and do this every Friday, as time allows.

So, here are a few of the thoughts and such that are floating through my my head and heart this week.

1. I am wondering what kind of a day it is going to be when you reach into the cupboard and accidentally sprinkle oregano into your coffee instead of cinnamon?!? Well, it made me laugh at myself, so maybe that means it will be a good day after all :)

2. My husband decided 2 days ago that we were going to sell a few things in the community garage sale this weekend...yeah me! jk, I am trying to convince myself that it will be good, and maybe it will be. It could be a great opportunity to get to know some new neighbors.

3. I have not only found out that my sons reading problem is contributed to dyslexia, but he also has some eye convergance problems. We will be going for that testing in two weeks. Many of the symptoms are the same, not all but many. So my hope is, as we start the new new reading, writing and spelling program, along with the eye therapy, we will see great improvement!

4. My oldest son had his first treatment of laser surgery on the tattoos placed on his hands...OUCH! I hope the Airforce is worth it! LOL

5. My Jesus loves me! He loves you too!

6. We are not righteous because of what we do or do not do. We are righteous because of what Jesus has done. The behavior we see in our lives, and the lives of others, is nothing more or less than the fruit of what we believe or do not believe. This truth has set me free, and continues to do so. I love the truth of grace. Increasingly so...everyday.

I am so thankful that I am no longer focused on my behavior and everything I think I am not. I am now focused on Jesus and how much He loves me. The more I realize this, the more truth I believe and the more I change. Trying has gotten me no where, but to the dry and dead land of frustration, but trusting has lead me to the land of promise.

To the promise of His power actively at work in my life daily. His promise is shaping me and guiding me, transforming me into all I truly am in God's eyes. He see me as perfect, without flaw or blemish.

I don't know about you, but I think that believing what God believes takes faith in Jesus.

Believing what we see about ourselves, or what we think is wrong with us, doesn't require any faith at all. I am asking God everyday, to help me believe what He believes!

7. You are perfect in God's eyes, perfect because of Jesus! So, go sprinkle some oregano, I mean cinnamon, in your coffee and have a great weekend!


Loren said...

ok.....oregano in your coffee....i'm thinkin ~ not so good but definately enough to make ya laugh :)

garage sales.....sooo much work hope it is a HUGE success for you!

I am BELIEVING you will see great improvement and praising the Lord for all HE is doing to show you the various options and help available for your son.

OUCH is right! I am sure it will be worth it!! but still...OUCH


On the is good! I want to believe it and like you will ask the Lord to help me. The enemy loves to attack us in our thoughts and our belief of ourselves and/or the lack of what we believe we are! If we all could grasp this ~ it would be so amazing....Help us with our doubt and unbelief LORD because if we would allow the Word to penetrate us we WOULD know.....Thanks Daveda ....I LOVE your hodgepodge days!!

happy Friday my friend :)

RCUBEs said...

Oregano in my coffee? No way! :)

I hope you get to sell a lot!

Yes, praying that now that you are aware of what's troublesome with your son, everything will get back on the right track for him. That's amazing as he progresses to where he should be.

Yes, thanks be to Jesus' righteousness that covers us! God bless you and may you have a great weekend!

Tara said...

I love random posts the best I think. They just tell so much about people.

Angela said...

I am asking God everyday, to help me believe what He believes!

AMEN AMEN AMEN ...this is EXACTLY what the Lord God has been teaching me this past year in the greatest storms we have faced in our lives...

When you do watch the video, it sort of talks about what you have mentioned here..

Daveda, if you have time, please email me at

Your comment to my post BLESSED me radically. Girl, EVERYTHING you said truly was Holy Spirit filled. A message to me through you from God Almighty sis!!

You WILL never know the importance of your prayers for my family and I this past week..When you stand before God and give an account, He will bring this time to your memory and state: well done good and faithful servant.

Your prayers helped keep the enemy from stealing, killing and destroying us. I wanted to let you know that.

Angela said...

You can trust Him with all of the people in your life. He is faithful, even those who tend to break your heart :( Continue to look to Jesus and not at the situation (whatever that may be) He will bring victory as you trust in Him and Him alone!

This is TRULY God's Word given to me through you sis. ((hugs))

Denise said...

Keep on trusting Him, only Him. He will never let you down.

Laurie said...

What a great post! I love that you share what's going on in your family's life and I definitely appreciate hearing that I am perfect because Christ and accepted not because of my do's or do not's. I love garage sales- hope yours went well. Love, Laurie

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh YAY! This was a fabulous post!!!!!

Love this:

"He see me as perfect, without flaw or blemish."


I hope your weekend is filled with joy!

Heather of S-A-M said...

Oregano?! Maybe you should sell that idea to Starbucks! :o)

I should have warned you about that tattoo removal process. YES, it's a painful fix to a once thought good decision. How many treatments did they give him an estimate on.

By the way, my hubby's aunt (was in CA, ND, MS, TX, FL, and Korea over the last several years) and uncle (just returned from last 5 years in Bern, Switzerland) are both career Airforce. His aunt actually works with the 'newbie's' on the base in San Antonio, TX right now. She loves it and it's been very good to her. I'm proud of your son going into it. It'll be worth it!

When you startin those riding lessons there biker momma?! Your too awesome! I gotta be more like you and grow outta some fears.

Wish you guys a safe weekend!

XO, Heather

Edie said...

Well if it helps me to gain God's perspective about myself better then I'm all for oregano in my coffee! LOL.

Praying for your sons' treatment. Both of them. :)

I really enjoyed your Rambling On's. I have thought about doing it several times too but I always forget what I was going to ramble on on. :)

jhazmyn said...

"I am so thankful that I am no longer focused on my behavior and everything I think I am not"

I can so relate with this cos i'm like dat most times...guess i'd need to get to remind myself too bout how God sees me...

Girl in a Glass House said...

Cute post! I enjoyed your ramblings last time too

I had a rambling thought born of a comment on my blog
"We spend a lot of time telling God how big our problems are instead of telling our problems how big our God is!"

Irritable Mother said...

The other day my friend was making no-bake cookies and a rice dish on the stove at the same time. She accidentally put pepper in the cookies! Ack!
I personally do not like coffee at all, so I don't think you can "ruin" it with oregano. But keep the pepper out of my cookies! LOL!!!

And yes, I am longing for the faith to believe what He believes. Thanks for rambling. *grin*

Heart2Heart said...


Please stop by my blog today for your blessing from God.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Deborah Ann said...

Good stuff here, Daveda. You are so right - it doesn't take faith to add up all our flaws and believe that's who we are. I would much rather see myself through God's eyes.

Grace and blessings!

christy rose said...

oregano in your coffee???? LOL
That is so funny!!!! I PICTURED YOU IN MY MIND DOING THAT! YOUR SMILE, YOUR LAUGH, AND YOUR EXPRESSION. I could see it all! Still laughing at the mental picture! :)