Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Does Jesus Say

This past weekend was a fun one for our family. My husband and I went on a motorcycle ride, we took the boys to see G.I.Joe, went to the free zoo in Madison WI, had a Bonfire (with smores of course), got ice cream from Sonic, and I practiced riding the dirt bikes so I could get better at shifting as I have decided to get my motorcycle license, Woot Woot!

Yet, this weekend was also filled with some mixed emotions for me. On Friday I posted a rambling on post, in which I shared a hodge podge (which is a word!) of thoughts. One of those was about my son Chase and his struggle with reading. Through this post and a couple of other ways, the Lord lead me to read up on Dyslexia. This is where I give a shout out to my friend Kat over at Art's Chili Pepper for mentioning it in her comment. The Lord used her comment to begin leading me in the right direction. Isn't He Awesome!

As I began reading up on Dyslexia, I have to admit, I sat at my computer and cried. my son has so many of the signs and symptoms that his picture could have been on the web page. I found myself thinking..."How could I have missed ALL of this." so many things were registering, even things from years ago, such as not being able to tie to his shoes until he was 7,even to this day, he would prefer not to.

As I read through some of this information with my husband, he too, felt astounded, as he has struggled with this his whole life, yet has gone undiagnosed. Not only does this affect my husband, but my 12 year old struggles with the same issues.

I felt sad and angry for my husband. Not at anyone, but just for the injustice of school systems, that allow children to go through believing that they are less than.

I also learned that if in the school system a child with Dyslexia is tested for a learning disability , the majority of the time they will not qualify for help. Reason being, the test they use is not suitable for diagnosing a child who struggles with Dyslexia.

This too, makes me a bit choked up, as my 12 year old son Shane was tested in the school system, two of them in fact. Both times we were told, "He is really on the fence here, and doesn't really qualify." At which point during the second time around, was followed up with a suggestion of pure laziness. Humph!

This discovery has caused my emotions to roller coaster a bit this weekend. I have felt sad, angry, relieved, and overwhelmed. Yet, I know my Jesus loves us!

As I was pondering this with the Lord, I thought "Dyslexic...my family is Dyslexic...?!?! Chase having the worst of it, so it seems..." and I heard the Lord ask me this question "Daveda, what do I say about your family? Who do I say they are?"

I sat for a minute as the Holy Spirit reminded me of the truth. The truth is that my children (and my husband) are not labeled "Dyslexic" they are labeled "Victorious" because of Jesus!

They are BOLD and CONFIDENT people in this world, and EVERYTHING they put their hand to will prosper and come to maturity.

So, as we begin this new leg of our journey, overcoming dyslexia, I will remember what Jesus says. I will look to Him as my source, not people, or resources, but the wisdom of the Holy Spirit will guide us (not that God won't use people or resources, I just won't be looking to them, but Him.) I am actually considering starting a new blog, in addition to this one. A blog dedicated to following the journey of victory over Dyslexia. Maybe it will help someone else out there. No one wants to journey alone.


Denise said...

God bless you dear. I am praying for your family as you start your journey to dealing with dyslexia. Remember, your husband and son have dyslexia, it does not have them. They will be overcomers.

T. Anne said...

I'll pray for your sweet son. He can do all things with Christ!

Daveda said...

Denise - Thank you, and yes, I will remember that!...Though I may need to be reminded from time to time :)

T.Anne - Yes He can! And thank you, prayer, and believing, trusting in Jesus is what enables us to walk in victory!

RCUBEs said...

I'm glad the Lord had showed you what's causing all those problems with your son. Praying that He will lead you to the right doctor who can help your son out and overcome this. Nothing is impossible with Him.

You are an encouragement with this blog but to start something specifically for that, I think that's a great idea as many still might not be aware if they are going through the same trial and could be encouraged as they stumble on your sites. God bless you sister...

Daveda said...

Rosel - Thank you for your kind comment. God uses all things for good and I know He will use this as well. The has already lead me to some wonderful materials that are helping me to educate myself, so that I can help my son overcome.

chili pepper said...

What a nicely stated and beautiful post. Let us thank the Lord for this new journey in which he will show Him self, His love and His power as He leads all of you to victory.

Angela said...

Like your husband, my husband too was not diagnosed with Dyslexia, till he was in his early 40's..It broke my heart, thinking of his school experience. Failed two grades, thought he was stupid for such a long time, teachers did not help him at all....

Praise God for His leading you this way, showing you through so many things..He IS so amazing. Yes, a blog and the journey with Dyslexia and showing the power and glory of God's mighty work upon it would bless SO many.....God will bring many that need to read the message...

Loren said...

What a beautiful and giving heart you have! You already are taking what the enemy meant for harm and turning it into good! How precious you are and I KNOW that I kNOW God will prove HIMSELF strong and your MEN will all be victorious on so many levels!
They are more than conquerors already and through Christ they will be victorious.....What a testimony this will be! I can't wait!

Daveda said...

Kat - Thanks friend :) I am praising Him for He is good all the time, even when I feel scared :)

Angela - It does break your heart! I have been reading a book Called Dyslexia The Gift, and it is really good! It says that many of the things dyslexics excel at are not in spite of Dyslexia, but because of it. I am asking the Lord to help me to see this as a gift.

Loren - Awe...Thank you. I have to admit when I think "How am I going to beat this?" I get overwhelmed and feel scared, but then I remember that Jesus already accomplished victory and I simply need to keep my eyes on Him, he will show me the way, one step at a time :)

Andrea said...

I am praising GOD for HIS perfect guidance and direction. He is awesome and I am thankful HE is leading the way for your precious son.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Heart2Heart said...


See isn't Kat from Art's Chili amazing??!!! That is what blogging in our family is doing is completely helping all of us out. We have all gone through situations but never know when God is going to ask us to share our struggles with someone who needs our help or vice versa. God is amazing at how He works.

Like Denise stated at the beginning, it is something that can be overcome, it just is something that needs to be taught to read differently than others. Funny thing is the most articulate and educated people I've known, have had a reading or learning disability.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Daveda said...

Andrea - yes He is, and though I feel a bit overwhelmed I know He will continue to ease my fears and show me the right direction.

Kat - Our blogging family is really wonderful, and yes, Kat does rock! The longer I blog and the more I get to know others the more thankful I become for all of you.

Irritable Mother said...

We struggle with ADHD in my house, and I can tell you, it isn't easy having those challenges. Many times I have to remind myself God did not nod off while He was creating Matthew. My son is fearfully and wonderfully made, and even his struggles can be for the glory of God.
Keeping our eyes on Jesus, and our faith in Him, we will make it through this. All of us!

Sweet Blessings said...

Hello Relationship builder;) I will be praying for you guys as you start this new journey. Blessings! Amanda:)

Rhonda said...

We all have struggles in some form or another and praise the Lord he sees fit to guide us through the trials and tribulations.
Blessings my friend, Rhonda

jhazmyn said...

Been asking myself this same question for the past 6months as my hubby and i have been waiting on God for a child for some time now...Sometimes, holding on to His word can be tough, but the walk of Faith is a conscious choice, we choose to believe...You'd walk through to victory cos His word is yeah and amen

Daveda said...

Karen - Amen! i have to say it is a relief to know WHAT we are dealing with.

Sweet Blessings - I have to say, I chuckled a bit at being called "relationship builder" What a nice compliment :)

Rhonda - God is good and faithful for sure! He knows what each of us needs and He understands how we feel. Very thankful for his faithfulness and understanding.

Jhazmyn - My sweet friend I will say a prayer for you and hold this in my heart. It must be tough, waiting...have you been to Walking By Faith? You can find it on my blog roll. I have just started getting familiar with this blog, but I believe her name is Lauren. You share a similar struggle, you might want to stop over there and say hell0 :) Many Blessings to you!

christy rose said...

Wow! God is amazing! What a new journey you are about to be taken on. God is directing you to bring relief to you, your sons, and your husband. And, you will overcome and God will be glorified!
I am so excited that so many of the wonderful blogging friends that I have met have come to meet, know and love you. God is doing something through all of this. I am very excited.
God is good!

Mari said...

It's so tough to see those you love dealing with something you can't take care of. Isn't it wonderful that God loves them more than we can, and is so much better at taking care of them? He allowed you to find that site and gave you the persistence to check into it and will be with all of you as you go through this.
He's also surrounded you with lots of friends who are praying. I'll add this to my prayer list.

Angela said...

Daveda, I just wanted to come by and tell you thank you for praying for my family and I..((hugs)) It IS such a blessing to know I'm surrounded by a mighty prayer warrior...

LisaShaw said...


Thank you for your visit to one of my blogs and for your kind comment.

I came over to visit with you and I'm glad that I did. I know the LORD led us to meet so that I could join in praying for you, your hubby and children.

I was deeply moved by this:

"...and I heard the Lord ask me this question "Daveda, what do I say about your family? Who do I say they are?" I sat for a minute as the Holy Spirit reminded me of the truth. The truth is that my children (and my husband) are not labeled "Dyslexic" they are labeled "Victorious" because of Jesus!"

That says it all! Your family is WHO GOD says you are not the world! I will join in praying for all of you as you take this next step in your Christian journey.

May the LORD reign in all areas. I look forward to re-visiting in the near future.

Love and blessings.

Edie said...

Dyslexic is not who they are, dyslexia is what they have. Big difference there.

Oh God, I lift up this family to you and ask that you go before them and show them the way that you have chosen for them. Strengthen them with your strength and teach them all they should know to overcome this dyslexia and to help others do the same. In the Powerful Name of Jesus.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice meeting you!

Mocha Momma said...

Thanks for your support, Daveda. My kids are still not in school because of the strike.

My job is going well. My husband had to get a newer vehicle and here we are.

I'm anxious for my kids to get started in school. This strike isn't good, but I understand why it's being done.

I'm sorry your son and husband have suffered unknowingly with dislexia all of these years.

My husband has it too and there was not a lot of help for him either. He dislikes writing very much, but he still likes to read.

I hope you'll find solutions and good help. Prayers are with you.

Mocha Momma said...

Oh ya, great idea to start a new blog about being victorious over dislexia.

God bless you in this new journey

Mary Moss said...

Daveda, Our son is 21 now and was not properly diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome until he was 19. We fought his entire life to get him the services he needed in public school.

All of us must work to change the public school system. Even though my children are grown, I am seeing another generation "graduating" without proper education.

Anyway, I pray daily for all children and their families. I am blessed that you stopped by my blog and hope you will do so often. I look forward to growing and learning together:-)