Friday, September 11, 2009

"Never Forget"

As we began our school day this morning, the boys and I said a prayer for all of those who were, and still are, so affected by the devastation of 9/11.

It seems that as human beings, it is a natural tendency for us to forget about things once the feelings of emotion have subsided. But, I hope that the Lord will help each and every one of us to "Never Forget" about the pain and the loss that was suffered by so many on that horrific day, eight years ago.

As, they will "Never Forget" for their lives have been forever altered.

There are still so many people being affected by the aftermath of what happened in our country that day. There are families with loved ones overseas, fighting for our freedoms. There are families who are heartbroken over the loss of someone who died fighting for those freedoms.

This is not intended to a "political" post. But, a post about people caring for people. A post about encouragement for those who are feeling lost with no hope. A post about remembering that people need others, to help and pray in times of crisis, pain and heartache.

I do not claim to be a politically savvy person. In my opinion it is sometimes hard to have an opinion, when all we hear is monitored. We rarely hear what someone, somewhere, has not deemed okay, fit for civilian ears. Just my opinion.

My prayer as we move forward as a country, a nation, but more importantly God's Children, is that we would know and see his unmerited favor in our lives. That each of us would receive fresh revelation of His love daily. That we would move forward unafraid, knowing that who ever thinks they are in control, are mistaken, as sovereign control belongs to the Lord!

As I think back to the story of Joseph, I am reminded that even when it does not look as if God's plan is in motion, we can trust and rest assured that it is. Even when tragedy strikes, as it did on 9/11, we can know and trust that God will "Never Forget", He will never leave us or forsake us.

When all seems lost and we just don't seem to be able to make heads or tails out of this crazy world that we live in, we must stand together and remember HIS faithfulness. He will never fall short of HIS promises, may this be something we...

"Never Forget"


RCUBEs said...

Well stated. We must never forget that God is still in control no matter what. Blessings to you sister.

Heart2Heart said...


It is the greatest memory I have of that day that our great nation stood united together as one nation under God and indivisible!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Laurie said...

Hi Daveda,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your post. We do need the reminder. Like you said, we too easily forget. Thanks for the tribute to those lost and injured on 9/11!
Blessings, Laurie

Rhonda said...

Very well covered in your post. It is one of those days that can never be forgotten.

Beth E. said...

I'm glad today's video on my blog brought you some comfort. When did your grandmother pass said you are still missing her greatly. Has it been awhile? I'm so sorry for your loss.

Warren Baldwin said...

Good post. We don't know why many things happen but we can continue to trust in the One who does know and has ultimate control.

I also found your comment that we only receive the news that someone else deems ok for us to know quite interesting. I happen to be of the same opinion, so it is good to meet someone else who agrees!

I enjoyed your post. Always do.

Girl in a Glass House said...


I agree with your post but am saddened when I realize that, though God will never leave us nor forsake us, our nation is leaving and forsaking Him! I am reading through the Minor Prophets this week and have been struck by the many times that God was forced to remove His protection from nations because it was the only way to get them to return to Him. I read on a sign once "God will not bless America unless America turns once again and blesses God"

I agree that we cannot forget. But perhaps we must also direct our hearts to remember...remember what made our Nation great and strong and was founded on God!

Daveda said...

Rosel & Rhonda - Blessings to you both, thanks for the encouragement!

Kat - I long for the day when we can all stand united, everyday.

Laurie - Looking forward to getting to know you. I hope you stop back by soon.

Warren - I agree, most definitely! Great minds think alike, LOL.

Daveda said...

Girl in a Glass House - It is sad that so many do not realize God's love for them. May we all stand together in His grace to shine the light in the midst of darkness.

Denise said...

Beautifully said.

christy rose said...

Great post Daveda! It is important for us to Never Forget what happened on 9/11, so that we never take our freedom for granted again. So true! And everywhere I went, this day, people were remembering. I think that is so great! But, like you said here, It is even more important to Never Forget His faithfulness to His promises toward us. Can you imagine the transformation of our country if as many people united together with a united front toward God's promises as have toward the patriotism that was experienced on this day each year.
Man, unity is powerful!

Daveda said...

Christy - "Can you imagine the transformation of our country if as many people united together with a united front toward God's promises as have toward the patriotism that was experienced on this day each year." Amen!

That's why it is so important for us to continue to stand on and spread the good news of His Grace and love!

Love ya, great comment!

Edie said...

What a beautiful post Daveda! I am in complete agreement. Christians are supposed to care about the *politics* of the nation, and the direction it takes us. How else can we be salt and light?

No matter what happens, God is in control.