Friday, September 4, 2009

Rambling On's...(I know that's not a word:)

I was trying to decide what to blog about today, and I could not seem to narrow down the many thoughts and themes floating and shifting through my head. I figured this would be a good day for a hodge podge post, if you will. A post about nothing...and a little bit of several things.

1. My spell checker tells me hodge podge is not a word...hmmmm, any suggestions? Did I spell it wrong.

2. I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that so many of the things I once thought were important to my walk with the Lord, pale in comparison to the simple Gospel. All of the things I once thought I needed to be, or had to try to do, are falling into place as I continually grow in Christ. Sometimes seemingly good ideas, concepts or even truths, can steal our focus away from Jesus and place it onto ourselves.

Let me give you an example, I used to spend so much time "trying" to make myself more disciplined. Only to feel like a failure time and time again. When I stopped focusing on discipline and place my focus back on Jesus and starting believing and saying "Lord you say I am all I need to be because of you. I trust you to change me Lord and bring about any disciplines in my life that you want me to have." As I began to do this the things I used to "try" so hard at simply started falling into place.'s a beautiful thing; God's unmerited, undeserved favor and POWER at work in our lives. You cannot have an undersatnding of grace without realizing it is the power to change us.

3. I just got my manuscript back from a friend. I was encouraged that she is about the sixth person to read it and love it, yet I can't help feeling like it's not done yet, even though everyone says it's great. I have the opportunity to send it to a new friend, who is an author and copy editor, yet again, I feel like maybe I'm not ready??? So, that leaves me all writers feel this way? Or, will there come a time when you just know it's finished. Oh well...I keep reminding myself that it's the Fathers book, I will simply continue to write what He gives me, walk through the open doors, and trust that He will help me continually trust Him.

4. There are some people moving in close to this area where I live, Poplar Grove IL, about an hour from Chicago,who are starting a radical grace ministry. I am excited about that, I am excited to meet them. As of yet, I have only connected with them over Facebook. Isn't it amazing how God can use technology to make these connections?!? I think it will be nice to have some new friends near by, who seem to have a revelation of the same Grace (Jesus) the Father has revealed to me to set me free from the bondages of religion.

5. We started school this week, I homeschool my two youngest boys. Most of the time I like it. Both of my kids struggle academically. When I pulled them out of school for that reason and various others, they were both behind. My main concern is my 10 year old, he really just doesn't seem to get the concept of reading. Don't get me wrong, he reads, but not at a level I am happy with. Not to mention he hates reading and has no desire to do it. This makes it difficult because he is very smart and able to comprehend age appropriate material in every subject, he just can't seem to read it by himself....Hmmm. Prayer is powerful and the Holy Spirit is active. God keeps telling me He's got this not to worry, okay Lord, help me to trust you :) I think I might get his eyes checked...

6. My oldest son, is in the process of going into the Airforce. However, he made a stupid decision awhile back and let a friend practice tattooing...on his hands... and that disqualifies him. So, that means on Tuesday I am taking him to see about having them removed...hopefully they can do it quickly and as inexspensive as possible, as the recruiter is only waiting on that to get him sworn in...Lord let your favor be upon us!

7.I am wondering what you guys think of the stuff I write about. The content, style, is it personable, etc..? I am a teacher at heart, that's what I do, speak, teach and write about the word of God ..who is a person, JESUS!. See what I mean, when I write it comes out that way, teachie...(ya, that's not a word either LOL)

well, you are probably about tired of listening to me ramble on this morning...wait...I think it's almost afternoon, well, anyhow, you are probably tired of it regardless. I hope you all have a great Labor Day week end!


T. Anne said...

I like your blog. I think the style is just fine. I'm a homeschooling mom too and yes reading for some kids is very tough. Eventually it does click.

Heart2Heart said...


I too love your blog and the way you have it structured. Just pray and lift it up to God and let Him be your divine inspiration on what path to take.

Have you tried Hooked on Phonics' Master Reader for your son? I gave it to my friend who had a special needs daughter and was almost 3 grade levels behind in her ability to read. After completing this, she is on target with her age group and ability and even her mom can't argue that this worked!

Now she begs her mom for more books to read.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tracy Wagman said...

Since you are asking for opinions about your blog...
I think that you are personable. You have a ministry thing going on with this blog.
Your writings have spoken to me and blessed me.
Keep on bloggin' for Jesus cause you rock!
What book are you writing?
God bless your homeschooling endeavors and give you strategies with reading.

Andrea said...

You write about everyday life and guess what..that is what we all struggle with. GOD bless you for being real in a not so real world.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

PS: Hope you can get the tattoo's removed. My son is a marine and his tattoo's are in places where they can not be seen, which apparently is acceptable to the marines.

Daveda said...

T. Anne - Thank you :) That's very encouraging.

Kat - Thanks for reminding me to look to the Lord. I think maybe I try to hard sometimes and God is working on my heart for me to just be real and "naked" if you will LOL

I have not tried hooked on phonics, I guess I thought it was for much younger children. Thanks for recommending it. I think I will check into that.

Tracy - Thanks sister! That means a lot an dis very encouraging. That is the whole point of my blog, to minister. I want what God has done in my life to overflow into the writing to touch others.

My book is about resting in the finished work and how a true understanding of Grace can empower us to live in true freedom.

Andrea - Thank you ;) that's encouraging. If his tattoos were someplace besides his hands it would be fine. But because hands can be seen in uniform, they have to go!

Irritable Mother said...

Good afternoon, Daveda!
Regarding #1, spell checker is helpful, but not infallible. "Hodge podge" is too a word!!! *grin*
Regarding #3, when I was finally finished with my first manuscript I felt weird every time I DIDN'T sit down to work on it more.
Regarding #4, I love FB, too. And the way God has used technology in my life to bring me into such a wonderful circle of friends.
And regarding #7, I like how you write. Being teachie is OK. Even if it isn't a word. *grin*

RCUBEs said...

Even if you're just rambling on :) today, I like that you always write about the Lord. Your heart that is always hungry to seek Him shows through your words. Grace is too great of a thing not to be talked about EVERYDAY, so even your title fits...

Sarah Dawn said...

I love the rambling brook today. The waters refreshed me as I'm escaping from packing. Oh if only the comforter from China was a bit smaller :)

Blessings from the rain,
Sarah Dawn

Daveda said...

Karen - Thank you, all very encouraging! *smile*

Rosel - What an incredible thing to hear...your heart that is always hungry to seek Him shows through your words....Thank you, that is my hearts desire.

Sarah Dawn - Thanks :) I hope you find refreshing in many ways as you go through this time of change in your life.

Denise said...

I think your blog is awesome, just the way it is.

Beth E. said...

I enjoyed your hodgepodge post! What you said in #2 really caught my attention:

"I used to spend so much time "trying" to make myself more disciplined. Only to feel like a failure time and time again. When I stopped focusing on discipline and place my focus back on Jesus and starting believing and saying "Lord you say I am all I need to be because of you. I trust you to change me Lord and bring about any disciplines in my life that you want me to have." As I began to do this the things I used to "try" so hard at simply started falling into place."

I once heard a pastor preaching on the first part of John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy..." He said that one of the things the enemy attempts to steal is our attention.

I experienced that first-hand when my family was younger. I was involved in many wonderful things in our church...I sang with the praise team and our women's ensemble, I was involved in several Bible studies, I was at the church every single time the doors were open. These were all wonderful things that I thought would bring me even closer to the Lord. But, what I was doing was neglecting my family in the process. God spoke to me very strongly one day, telling me that my calling (for that season) was to raise my boys and be with my husband.

All of that (whew!) to say that I totally agree with you! :-)

Oh, and about your comment on my post...your planned trip to the zoo and a ride on a motorcycle sounds very exciting to me! Have a great weekend!

Daveda said...

Denise - Thank you :)

Beth - Amen! I had a similar experience not long after I met Jesus, and the Lord turned me in the right direction. He really is wonderful!

Julie said...

Daveda, I loved reading your ramblings... they gave a picture into your world...

I don't know if you know but I too am a home school mom. I just started my 18th year.... Some days I love it and some days, well they are enduring days of grace as Graham Cooke says.

Thank you for your visit to my blog and the sweet words you left me. You blessed me.

By the way I see you recommend "So You Don't Want to Go To Church Anymore." My husband and I read that book and loved it.

Hope your weekend is blessed!

Rhonda said...

I love your blog and your true openess and feelings and I personally think that many of us feel those every day and there is a common thread to read that we are all wondering the same things. I truly hope the tatoo's will come off quickly. We've had that issue with our son on the tattoo's but he's had them on his chest, back and leg........ugh........why can't they reason with an adult!

Pineapple Princess said...

I so enjoy your blog!

chili pepper said...

I have not spent much time here but as I read your post I felt I was reading a letter from a friend.

I, and I am sure many others, can relate to so much as we struggle through the daily battle for Jesus. Trying to raise our families while we put down the oppressor is no small thing.

I particularly liked number 2. I have been thinking alot on this lately and my teenage daughters and I have had many discussions lately on the topic. I don't spend much time thinking about what I should do, instead I prefer to let the Lord lead me. Not that there aren't times I need to make decisions but I usually muddle them up. If I just leave Him in control it is so much easier.

But more to the point, we've been talking about how many Christians have made following the Lord so legalistic that they've lost the whole point. You must wear this, listen to this, go here, do this, say this, read this, don't listen to this, don't wear this, etc....

They get so caught up in the dos and don'ts that they miss the joy of just looking to the Lord and allowing Him to change them and guide them. Plus the things that they are doing are because they MUST not because their heart WANTS to and so they miss out on the joy there to.

Where, as you say, if they would just focus on Him, His word, and what He has done, they will naturally do what they should, say what they should, the whole gambit, and be full of joy and content as they go through their walk.

And yet even more so, they will be a far more effective tool for Him.

Spell checker tells me a lot of words aren't real words, I take him as a suggestion not a law :)

And back on a more serious note, have you had your son tested for dyslexia? My daughter was struggling so with reading and I just couldn't get the reason. She wanted to. She had a dedicated attitude to learning and yet we struggled on. When she was somewhere around 9 or 10, we hired a new piano instructor, who used to be a special ed teacher and after a few lessons she said, "Kathleen, I think Brianna may have dyslexia." Well, sure enough once we knew HOW to teach her, she overcame it quickly through prayer and practice. She is now 14 and loves to read. She reads on such an advanced level I can not understand some of what she reads. For her summer pleasure reading she has recently read Winston Churchill's history and the book by the man who discovered DNA.

I commend you for rising to the challenge of home schooling your sons and giving the challenging issues to the Lord.

Just a few ramblings here, too.


Daveda said...

Julie - I don't think I did know you homeschooled. I may have read it on your blog and forgot. I will remember now though. It's great to have people who have been doing it longer than you, that you can get advice from :)

Rhonda - I have noticed that many times as I am blogging around that our themes do seem to be similar. I have many times thought "wow, I just blogged about that yesterday, or today." It's is so refreshing to see that even though most of us don't know each other outside of blog land, God still works our hearts in unity.

I hope the tattoos come off soon too! The only reason these are a problem is because they are on his hands, and your hands can be seen in uniform. It's a good thing too because he has one on his chest and one on his arm...those don't disqualify him though. whew!

Pineapple Princess - I enjoy yours too :)

Kat - Ya, spell checker is our opinionated friend who thinks he is always right! LOL

I agree, we spend way to much time judging others through the law. I used to do that :( probably still do at times without realizing it.

"you have become estranged from Christ, you who attempts to be justified by the law; you have fallen from grace."
Galatians 5:4

We are only justified and made righteous by Jesus. As we continually receive revelation of this life changing truth, we begin to see others this way too. There is such freedom to love in this truth.

I had not really thought much about dyslexia...other than it crossing my mind. I will ask the Lord about that though...How would even go about having one tested for that, if not in a school system?

Daveda said...

Kat - I have been reading up on Dyslexia today, and I am amazed! My son, exhibits many, and I mean many, of the symptoms and signs. As a matter of fact my 12 year old does too, just not to the same extreme. I am so glad you mentioned that, i felt lead to check it out. Now, I am going to see about testing. Did you have your daughter tested?

Loren said...


Hodge Podge....I love it and Yes it is a word no matter what spell checker says ;)

Growing in Christ is so amazing and HIS grace, discipline and overall relationship is so different than what most of us allow or even consider it could be. His love for us is so wide and so deep ~ so unconditional. Sometimes people think if we really knew and understood this it leads to doing as we wish (sinning) but in fact it is just the oposite. When we grow in Christ, knowing HIM more and more we long to be with HIM, more like HIM, pleasing HIM in all that we do, we say and seeking him in all things!! We also learn to the true meaning of without HIM we can do nothing ~ even obeying HIM. Keeping our eyes fixed on JESUS our hearts in tune with HIS and our ears and eyes open to see and hear HIM will lead us in the way everlasting!

Can't believe you are an author.....sounds just like what you should write so eloquently :) It is very personable and you teach with easy to understand examples and content.

I love that you asked about your blog! I love your blog and although I haven't been around much before you were gone I have loved every bit while I have been here. I have always wanted to ask this question but haven't ever done it :) Maybe I will idk.

I need to find you on facebook....I am Loren Woods McGhee if you fine me first k :)

thanks for this wonderful post today!

blessings to you my friend

Mocha Momma said...

Hi Daveda. Thanks for dropping over from Kat's blog. I've been away for awhile, but I've started following you today.

Sounds like you have a lot on your mind and heart. Blogging is good for that.

God bless you with your book. It sounds like it's going well.

Take care,

chili pepper said...

In my humble opinion and speaking with no expert only my experience with my daughter, if you are certain that you have found the problem, I would not invest in testing. Let me preface my reasons by saying that if you were uncertain, I would say take your child for testing.

Here are my reasons. 1- Testing can be very expensive. Money that could be used much better. 2- in dealing with testing you always run the risk of involvement from unwanted influences like the state and county school authorities. I have nothing to hide but still prefer as little interaction as possible where my kids are concerned. We have had there unwanted interference before and do not care to repeat. 3- some children can become very stressed at the idea of such testing and sometimes you can more effectively deal with the problem by changing your teaching and learning methods without pointing out the issue to your child and taking the chance of them drawing wrong negative conclusions about themselves. We dealt with my daughter's and she never knew she had dyslexia until she was much older. When she had already overcome it and had an amazing love for reading. Some children will become overwhelmed just hearing the word disability or such or will use that as an excuse. I do not mean to imply that your child would do this. Just that some might...especially some that have already had some exposure to a system that just moves kids out of the way who can not keep up with the system.

This is a lot for a comment, eh? How about if you email me at and I will send you my personal email address so that we can correspond that way.


Warren Baldwin said...

Commenting on your qurestion about the book ... yes, we all have those feelings. We love it b/c it is ours. But then we wonder if others will perceive it the same way? Do I need to tweak a few things so an editor will notice it? If there are even just a couple of mistakes will he/she just discard it? Your conclusion is right - if God is having you write this, entrust it to his hands.

christy rose said...

Love your ramblings on! Jess told me about the radical grace ministry contacting you. That is so exciting. Keep us posted about that new thing God is doing.